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From Gaia Piccardi, Sent to New York

Once again he was shown on the field by the Australian who manages, as often happens, to fight alone. The Russian will now meet Ruud who beat Britney

The bat flew out of his hand, oops, the rosary of the curse, the constant dialogue with the clan that says yes – always – like crazy. His name is Nick Kyrgios, he’s from Canberra, he’s 27 very little and two months after the Wimbledon final (Djokovic lost) he leaves the possibility of going to the semi-finals of the US Open. He entered the field relentlessly, touching the knee of his left leg grimly: I stop, I can’t run, I’m not in this disgusting game, I’m leaving, he said to those saints who sit in his chest and must we want him a great good (no coach, Nick the savage does not need him), to bear .

Thus, between the tweener under the legs and a ball in the Hudson, between the half-legged delicious jumps John McEnroe On the chair in the suspension booth and throwing a racket that the referee has overlooked, Kyrgios tries to keep his promise (I won a major championship and then quit) and stays in the middle of 3h39′ to retreat with Russian Khachanov, who has so far reached the tournament with the lights out while Nick threw psychoanalysis sessions in The outdoors on live broadcasts around the world for Espn. The first set of waiting, trying to understand how much desire to stay in the field. As he thinks about it, Khachanov flies 7-5. Kyrgios Yes, he wants, decided to join 6-4 second. In the third, he missed four break points (the first and ninth games), and the Russian is good at not being distracted by drama or glee: 7-5. When changing court, the Australian throws a bottle of supplement to the ground, which opens up and forces the ball boy to clean the court: Mr. Kyrgios’ warning. Thus, amid drunkenness and poison, violins and nails screaming at glass, Kyrgios-style, on/off, the privilege of talent should not be allowed to contempt for oneself. For the audience, Nick loves the inconvenient, he fills the stadium with the spirit of a spectator who tunes the channel to Formula 1 in the hope that the accident will happen at the beginning: whether he insults his friends or makes a winning point, shouts or sets an ace, it is always worth the ticket price. It’s a match where it’s all about serving (61 aces total!): Khachanov even puts in the perfect game (4 aces), the ease of Kyrgios’ arm is unmatched, if he spends less time shaking his head and more. I believe that, in spite of everything, having his head stuck to his neck, he will be the master of the world. It wouldn’t be Nick Kyrgios, though. Throwing chairs, insulting referees and the public (The cheerleader who described him as a Wimbledon drunk threatens to sue), Boyfriend was introduced to court by his ex-girlfriend, Who accuses him of the worst things?.

In the Changing Generations Championship (the third time since 2004 that Nadal N Djokovic and Federer have qualified for the quarter-finals), the construction site on which Yannick Sener participated (Wednesday evening against Alcaraz for a place in the semi-finals) is trying to become a cool, old kid He never grew up, wears a basketball jersey like goddess idols Boston CelticsIt would fit like cheese on pasta. but not. Forcing himself to remain calm, and rolling his eyes like a possessed in The Exorcist, Kyrgios takes advantage of the opponent’s terrible match and breaks in the fourth set: 3-2. It lasts quite a bit. There is no logical thread or critical sense. Russian Kontrobrik, to solve the question we need to break the tie (instead, Freud): Nick returns as a dragon, and invents the gift of patience. 7-3 (7-6). Then after midnight in New York, the fifth begins. With a break, the boy from Moscow, the father of young David, takes her against expectations and against typhus (in the end the Russian will be as controversial with the unruly New York audience as Medvedev was already). Ends in 7-5, 4-6, 7-5, 6-7, 6-4, Khachanov For the first time in his career in a Grand Slam semi-final cUntro Road, Berrettini Assassin. On the field, late into the night, the racket broken by Kyrgios still remains. In addition to thousands of missed opportunities.

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