A flawless Rod strategist stopping the Berrettini race. The second semi-final of the four tournaments for Norway

[5] Jim Rudd b. [13] Britney 6-1 6-4 7-6 (4)

Casper Rudd’s toughness, resourcefulness, strategy and coolness break the American dream of Matteo Berrettini. With an almost flawless performance, the Norwegian dominated the Romanian tennis player in three sets – 6-1 6-4 7-6 (4) – simultaneously putting pressure and tennis surgery. Agile as a cat, toned and proactive, Casper starts the match with crushing tennis and then reclaims the flaw in the third set with great personality and decision, cutting the blues back. and then. 7 of the world enters the second professional slam semi-finals, after which he played at Roland Garros (then reached the final and was interrupted by Nadal). It’s too bad for Mathieu, who is paying the price for the indecision, lack of energy and so many mistakes in the first two sets, that he couldn’t perform the explosive game of tennis. However, he was able to regain confidence and speed in the third match, fighting on par with a truly inspiring opponent. Rudd is now waiting for the match between Nick Kyrgios and Karen Khachanov.

the match

Care Rod, Matthew Desonito – Since the beginning of the meeting, Matteo reveals a lack of liquidity and energy. Lots of fouls for Blue who struggled in the second half, again due to direct laps. The Norwegian, on the other hand, starts out very centered and accurate and climbs up 3-0, getting 12 points for the opponent’s 3. Flawless in service, Casper is explosive and surgical at the same time. But not just for the pulse. Even from the baseline, he set up tense straight lines and a poisonous back, preventing Berrettini from building a strong exchange. Rod balls are deep and Mathieu can’t find the right distance to hit them, causing a lot of fouls. The Norwegian is climbing 4-0 again, moving like a gazelle and intercepting the ball in perfect timing. Mathieu is still very slow and “strange”, and the opponent constantly presses him. Serving and forehands aren’t helping him at all at the moment, and Casper is running away with a 5-0 score. The Roman interrupted the goalless half by winning the sixth game of the group which remains, however, the prerogative of Ruud, who ends 6-1 in 27 minutes.

casper cooler Blue finds a way to respond and wins the opening match with a zero serve. It also tries to find more rhythm in the exchanges, but the error rates are still high; On the other hand, Rod remains flawless. It moves with great agility and speed and puts the ball all over the place…even with a tweener. Lopes, passer-by in recovery, cross … It’s the winners’ festival for the Norwegian who inflicted another break on Brittany and leads 2-1. The Romanian tennis player continues to be strict and not very straightforward, and even when he can engage in combat from below, Rudd leads him to the error of subtle tactics and heavy balls. Flawless and fresh even on the net, the n. 7 of the world take off at 4-1. Rudd’s show continues, he never misses and takes three fixed points at 5-1. Matthew is stubborn in his recovery and, in the end, eliminates them all to make a move at 2-5. Not only. Now there are his first two break points. They both waste them with a net backhand. Rod gives him third but Mathieu fails again. There’s a fourth, and this time, it’s the Norwegian who edges out over the top with a backhand kick, shooting 3-5 to the blues. Mathieu is very attentive this time, taking advantage of the serve and getting close to 4-5. Rodd looks nervous but doesn’t allow himself to be overwhelmed by the opponent’s comeback attempt, starts putting balls very deep between his strings and eventually, at the fourth setpoint, also makes the second break into 6-4 pockets.

Mathieu, confidence and perseverance They are not enough – Despite the major flaw, the Blues are trying to turn the tide of the match, with great strength and leadership, for the first time leading 2-0. Rod for his part started to hesitate. He proves to be more inaccurate, misses a few balls too many, and in the end, after a very difficult third match where he had two break opportunities, he surrendered to the Italian who swerves 3-0 away. Now Matteo seems to have more energy and reaction, he is aggressive and decisive with every ball, putting a lot of pressure on the opponent. He also seems to have found fate straight, making him move as much as possible, sinking in at the right moment. The serve is also excellent, and with his score he wins 4-1. Rudd tries to block Mathieu’s comeback but is now more confident and increases his pace, winning the match 5-2 unrequited. Rod cleared two blue setpoints and took a 3-5 step. Not only that, he scored a counter-break and came close to 4-5. Now there is a perfect balance again and we reach the tiebreaker.

Opening a short break for the Norwegian player who immediately goes 2-0. Climbs again 4-2, pushing as hard as I can; He leads 5-2, while Berrettini fails to attack him, either with serve or with a forehand. There are now four match points for Casper; Thanks ace Mathieu cancels the first. The opponent shoots with a forehand and wastes the second. But another good tone. Casper Rudd concludes a perfectly played two-and-a-half set, in which he was very skilled at catching Mathieu in the third, as the Roman seemed to have regained confidence and rhythm. Casper continues to write his country’s history as the first Norwegian to reach the semi-finals of the American Grand Prix (6-1 6-4 7-6 (4) score). In the penultimate round of the tournament, the winner of the match between Kyrgios and Khachanov will face off.