Alcaraz No. 1 in the world? Yes, but with a very low score


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Exactly two months left before the world of tennis sets his sights on it Bala Albitur Turin, headquarters ATP Finals, the last event of the year for the singles and doubles circuit (and then there’s the final stage of the Davis Cup), which collects the top 8 in the world, has just finished leading in the tennis movement of the year. And in 2022, many still hope to get a pass to play the “Masters” event, a tournament in which everyone, at least once in their life, dreams of participating. It’s a pity that (Djokovic permitting, as we’ll discuss later) there is probably only one place left. Of course, for sporting reasons, Only two players are sure to qualify, Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal, first and second of the race. But already Majorcan’s existence, in fact, must be evaluated not only in light of his unexceptional feel with the finals. (He never won the tournament and reached the final twice) But above all the fact that he will become a father in October, and he may not be ready to leave for TurinAnd the Also to be close to his wife. But we are still in the field of hypothesis.

The truth is that the third and fourth of the race should also feel safe: Casper Road e Stefanos TsitsipasIn fact, they’re both over 4,000 points, so there’s only a modicum of official sporting certainty to elevate them to the ATP Finals, respectively for the second and fourth consecutive years. After them great disappointment in the summer, Daniel Medvedevdecreased from No. 1 to No. 4 in the world (it has not been in the top three since February 22, 2021), which is 3,375 points, almost 1,000 more than Hurkaczand the ninth and more than 600 compared to the eighth square of Zverevwhich, taking into account the bone edema that was announced yesterday, will remain at least a few weeks away from the fieldand therefore it is difficult to assume that he can go back in time not so much for the finals (in which he has always been present since 2017, and for which he holds his title), but even in mid-October to collect points in the last tournaments. Yes, because this year it is not enough to finish eighth, but we must enter the top seven for Djokovic’s aforementioned question: In fact, with the Serbian not running most of the year, and not getting points at Wimbledon, he finished 15th in the race, but is also the grand slam winner. That makes him eligible for a place in the tournament at the end of the year, provided he’s in the top 20 of 2022. That might seem like a formality, but this year we’ve taught more than ever not to take anything for granted, so only when Nol takes over. Pitch really in the fall, he’ll be able to tick his box as well.

So obviously the targets for the chasers are sixth Andrey Rublev (who is 3,055 and has a decent part of the season like the indoor part where the Russian has won five professional championships) and above all that is seventh, who currently occupies Happy Auger tooat 2860 points. The Canadian does not play badly indoors, on the contrary he won his first and only title on this surface (this year in Rotterdam)but polish Hubert Hurkacz, at 2545, can look optimistically toward a return, and he’s not the only one. In fact, After Hurkacz, there are five players in just 165 points: from 2385 by Taylor Fritz, 10th, to 2220 by Jannik Sinner, 14 in the race, passing by Cameron Nouri, Pablo Carreno Busta and Matteo Berrettini. If the Americans and Brits find a great autumn, they can still hope, but for both the points allotment at Wimbledon (quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively), which would have put Nouri seventh at 3040, and Fritz ninth at 2745, making them almost the favorites. In a two-way race for this place.

But let’s see the state of our blues. Comet, as we mentioned, is at 2220, another still already in the race to reach the finals. Berrettini has only 5 points more than his compatriot, and therefore it is now unlikely that we will see them both (and indeed even only one), also in light of Nadal’s potential loss, at least in the first 7; It is clear that they can fully exploit their chances of forming reserves, thus reaching the top ten. With the arrival of fall, in recent years, Yannick has always raised his level, winning three of his six championships, the first included in October 2020 and 2021, on indoor concrete, a surface he loves. Mathieu has, historically, always played well at times in the latter part of the European season (feeling good with Vienna, semi-finals 2019 and quarter-finals 2021), but this year there is also Asia, with the 250 in Seoul and the return of the 500 in Tokyo, in fast laps On a continent that brought him luck in the past (In 2019, the blue team reached the semi-finals in Shanghai, taking a decisive step for their historic debut in the finals)in addition to the championship Florencewhere it is already registered. The wrongdoer will definitely aim for Sophia e AntwerpWhere is the outgoing hero, And in Vienna, where he missed the opportunity to qualify against him tiafu In the semi-finals in 2021.

Together with 500 intrepid it’s you Nur Sultan (NEW) These will be the main events in the race for a place in the Auger-Aliassim sun which, as often happens, will likely be set at 1000 Paris PercyThe last tournament of the pre-final year. Today, Hurkacz would be the favorite to steal the place from the Canadian, but of the six suitors (assuming Zverev doesn’t return) as shown, for continuity and playability, this year Norrie and Sinner (for insider familiarity) may be starting a little bit C’mon. And let’s not forget that Nadal may not be playing and Nole himself is at risk, albeit slight, being in the 20’s and therefore not enough to win Wimbledon. Thus, even getting into the top ten in the race could be crucial in the long run.

Site player nation points
1 Alcaraz Spain 6460
2 Nadal Spain 5810
3 Rod Norway 4885
4 Tsitsipas Greece 4630
5 Medvedev Russia 3375
6 Rublev Russia 3055
7 Auger too Canada 2680
8 Zverev germany 2700
9 Hurkacz Poland 2545
10 Fritz United States of America 2385
11 My light GBR 2320
12 Carino Posta Spain 2270
13 Beretini Italia 2225
14 kafir Italia 2220
15th Djokovic Serbia 1970