Alcaraz on top of the arrangement, but for how long? There is room for 4th No. 1 of the year

If someone told, two months ago, a Casper Road That he would find himself this Friday two wins (or perhaps one) after becoming world number one, the first Norwegian in tennis history, he might have laughed. On the other hand, if a . is said Carlos Alcaraz‘, the answer was joking and sarcasm: ‘Maybe a little further,’ with the classic insolence of who could become, with the same ‘lo’ as Rod, the youngest of all looking at everyone from ‘top to bottom’. Saturday morning, who knows, maybe we’ll have our first umpire, or maybe everything will be postponed to the final on Sunday, but in the meantime who are the “ancestors” of the natal karaze, and the ghost, read the question. From a geographical point of view?

On November 19, 2001, at the age of 20 and 8 months, Leighton Hewittafter opening from US Open Based on ATP Finals That year, he became the youngest No. 1 in the history of the ATP rankingsbroke world records Marat Safin“greater” than two months ago when he reached the top of the rankings on November 20, 2000, so always at the end of the year, and again after winning his last major, nevertheless adding 1000 (at the time the Masters Series) of the Canada it’s you Paris Percy. The Australian and the Russian are still the only two players to have achieved world number one before the age of 21, a record that must be updated if Alcaraz is added to the rankings after the US Open, thus reshaping the podium. Too young to be able to boast this achievement, at 19 years and 4 months. The Spaniard will go to retreat from the third step of this “early arrangement”, but to take the first step, John McEnroewho was 21 years and 15 days old on March 3, 1980. It must be emphasized, in light of what has been said, that in fact if Alcaraz does not become No. 1 at the end of this tournament, it will be enough for him to succeed by December 2023, at the age of 20 years and 7 months. , to bypass Hewitt’s record in any case.

It’s not that fast and becoming #1 at such a young age is a qualitative reality (it’s no surprise that Hewitt, the record holder in this case, has only won 2 Grand Slams in his career, while remaining #1 for 75 weeks) but it can be exciting Interesting to compare the data of Alcaraz with the data of the Big Three: in fact, the only data Nadal He is among the 10 youngest people ever, and among others in ninth place, with 22 years and 2 months old on August 18, 2008. Federer He is the eleventh, with 22 years and 5 months on February 2, 2004, while Djokovicamong other things holding the record for total weeks at the top (373, 3 more than Federer) is only 17th, given that he was 24 years and 1 month old on July 4, 2011 after his first win Wimbledon. Moya, Ferrero and Rios are three times ahead of Nol in this case, so to speak, but together they have won twice at Roland Garros, 19 fewer wins than the Serbian alone. So age has its components, and it should not be neglected, but that is not all.

Kasper Ruud, who rewrote and continues to rewrite the history of tennis in his country, will become the first No. 1 ATP player in the history of Norway, as well as among all Scandinavian countries, except for Sweden (Alcaraz will be the fourth Spaniard after Moya, Ferrero and Nadal). The Ghost, certainly at least in the top three, with 23 years and 8 months, will be the 16th No. 1 youngest in history, surpassing the Swede, the Wilander, who became single at the age of 24 years and 11 days on September 23, 1988. However, Mats is only one of three Swedes (and Scandinavians) to reach first place in the standings, and second in time. the first, On August 23 45 years ago, in another world altogether and in tennis, the bear was the bear Bjorn Borghaving won his second Wimbledon Championship (five times in a row), aged 21 years, 2 months and 17 daysthe fifth youngest ever, with just over 13 days old Andy Roddick 2003, which holds the wood medal for the early order.

To follow it up, as mentioned above, here Mats WheelanderAnd the After winning three out of four major slams in his magical year, he stopped in the quarter-finals at his banned tournament, Wimbledon.. The last Swede, the last top actor in this now rotting school, climbing the rankings all the way to the end, was Stefan Edberg, aged 24 years and 6 months., on August 13, 1990, the year he won one of Wimbledon’s titles. Rudd, with a bit of pressure considering these illustrious predecessors, could become the world’s No. 1 Scandinavian fourth, and second youngest ever (among other things, his reign will begin on September 12, 2022, at the age of 30.. Since Edberg’s last start, September 14, 1992). We’ll know it all in 3 days, whether it’s the mighty, ruthless spirit of the North or the audacity of the warm Iberian Peninsula to stand out on the entire circuit. (Also because if both Alcaraz and Rudd lose in the semi-finals, Nadal will return to the top of the standingsbecoming the second oldest ever at 36 years and 3 months, after Federer only 36 and 10 months).