“Alcaraz the Marathon Man. Beat hardcore Tiafoe, knock out 15 sets in 5 days”

[3] C. Alcaraz b. [22] F. Tiafoe 6-7 (6) 6-3 6-1 6-7 (5) 6-3 (Paulo Michel Pinto)

Updating the scoreboard of a destined character like Carlos Alcaraz is already a fun job for a very talented engineer. A marathon runner in terms of both soul and body, he won his first Grand Slam final at 19 after defeating the excellent Francis Tiafoe in five sets, 6-7, 6-3, 6-1, 6-7, 6-3. He did so at the US Open, at a tournament that saw him as a great champion and three-winner in several “marathons”, which finished in the fifth race, again having had a match point at some point before. Concreteness and sarcasm will grow starting with the gym made on the court. For the rest, the hand never trembled, but on the contrary, provided a lot of quality and a vibrant game. Alcaraz has never shown signs of decline, unlike the American, less impressive than the previous versions seen on the Artur Ashe stadium. In the fifth group, Tiafoe was completely abandoned from the first service, While Alkaraz is going directly to his goal. The final gives him a great chance of aspiring to number one in the world rankings, but first there is a Norwegian obstacle to overcome.

Race: Group One

American Lights, eagerly waiting for two young contestants ready to pursue their goal. Alcaraz about a great opportunity to reach the final and hopes to become the world’s number one at the age of 19, Tiafoe about America’s dream of winning in front of his people. Semi-finals at Grand Slam, fresh and young air on the tennis circuit. One in front of the other, with an ambitious hunger, they present themselves to the semi-final bill with the certainty that they deserved it. The waiting period has been extended by 30 minutes to allow the organizers to rotate with the semi-final audience in the best possible way. The first group is very balanced as the Spaniard often had the initiative in the game, but failed to break through the American wall. Alcaraz warms the crowd with two dashes that scratch the line in millimeters. The American, strong in transmission, is strengthened by a diagonal forehand that does not allow the opponent to escape. It’s a number. 3 Search the net frequently and get important points. The seventh inning could mark a turning point: Alcaraz attacks with the answer, the American misses a forehand first, a backhand then finds himself 15-40. It takes the first command of the match to go upstream and proceed to the segment. The exchange of more than nine shots is the prerogative of Alcaraz who, however, is more accurate, the American is limited to managing shots in different situations. The eleventh match marked the first match to be held at ‘0’ by Tiafoe who then became wild in the final set although he continued not to take the lead in some of his favorite moments from the exchange. Forward 30-0, Alcaraz quickly found himself under 30-40 thanks to the first double fault in the group. The break ball equalized that of the American’s first set, but was literally nullified by two winning serves from the Spaniard and his extraordinary recovery to win back after a careful exchange of balls.

The Tie-breaker The American arrived with extraordinary statistics: so far, at the US Open, he has won them all. The double error starts for Alcaraz slips away under 4-1. Tiafoe loses the first serve along the tiebreak, but still manages to hit the triple set point. The first two Alcaraz eliminates them with service, and the third, in response, eliminates it with great character and forces Tiafoe to make a direct mistake. The fifth point is crucial. Because it’s on the other side of the net Alkaraz makes a double blood mistake, The second of the tiebreak. Positive streak rises to seven at UsOpen’s tie-breaker for the American who finds himself ahead.

the second group

In the second set, it was Tiafoe’s first chance, but the goal scored by the goalkeeper fails. The serving turn that the Spaniard saves, in the next match, goes 0-30, before the return of the host who takes advantage of his service qualities. But Tiafoe breakup: In the sixth inning, he takes a 30-15 lead when he commits two major fouls. The first break ball is voided by service, while the second ball is voided when the ball attempts to hit the opponent in the body. The latter evades with great skill and wins the ball by exploiting this time. After nine consecutive points in favor of Alcaraz, the American gets up climbing the ball from the counter-break, which was canceled after a rather difficult exchange. He’s not the brilliant Tiafoe seen in the previous rounds and only scores 38% of the points in the second round.. Obviously, this is due to the opponent putting him in difficulty with the answer whenever he gets the chance. The first service, above all, does not work as it should, and Alcaraz takes advantage of it as the minutes go by. The backhand passer gives him 2 points, Canceled by Good First and by Tiafoe. The latter left shots in the tenth game by winning a counter-breaking ball with a straight line of applause. Alkaraz keeps calm and evaluates exchanges well and closes the second exercise in 45 d. With the match, thus, rebalancing. The Spaniard limits the free errors compared to the first group and the difference is clear.

third group

Then the light goes out in Tiafoe’s house: From a possible 5-4, 15-1 makes him collapse twice in the third set. It is a significant physical deterioration that the American accuses: he suffers from long exchanges and gets little from his service. Alcaraz understands the moment and raises the bar even more. In particular, it is the first fraction immediately at “0” that mentally punishes him in the economy of the third group. Then he soon complicates his life by making six unjustified mistakes. In the fifth game, he rediscovers the aces, puts up a couple and drives the score. If the tradeoffs are long, everything becomes complicated for the American, because on the other hand, the karaz understands the moment and pushes his foot on the accelerator, moving the opponent and making him waste a lot of energy. At the second setpoint, the 98’s forehand stroke sinks half a height into the grille. The Spaniard moves forward with a partial strike of 2 hours 24 minutes.

quarto group

Alkaraz is a step up to strength and premium class shots. He is not distracted by the shortness of breath displayed by his opponent on the other side of the net and maximizing is exchanged after the exchange. He scores thirty of the last forty points when he holds the first serve time of the fourth set. He outdoes himself when he breaks his opponent’s serve with a kick that stays on the field for a few millimeters and then with an impressive tempo change he finds gold in the break on the net. Tiafoe then plays each shot as if it were the last, awakening the audience with a straight streak and a winning response. and then. 4 of the world responds to the present but does not materialize two balls 3-0. at that point The audience’s darling is interested in getting back into the game: Everything comes from his fatal blows in response to the first Spaniard. he is A boost of energy puts things right in the fourth set. But Alcaraz is disheartened: He returns home to the American he found on first service completely flat and then returns like a rollercoaster. The first break point was not exploited by the Spaniard who misses the length of his right, second Tiafoe good with winning on the counterattack. The crowd chose to go into the game hard to support Francis who misses a lot on the net and gets punished again by Alcaraz, who came back from the first half. Another round, another thrill for whoever needs it. and then. 26 rankers arm his arm, the opponent flirts at the net and with a winning response to the first the opponent regains the break for the second time. Tiafoe finds his serve and rebalances the group: he’s also restarted physically when the three hours of play come. Then follows the ranking of services, with higher quality of presentation. For American choirs, the karez responds with a chest, takes a racket with his character and holds himself from 0 to 30. Tiafoe is back up, but his neighbor puts a powerful, accurate backhand on the line: it’s a match point. The audience does not like it, but does not know that it is about to witness the most beautiful encounter encounter. The net lends a helping hand to the Spaniard trying the short ball, before the American pulls the signature counter: It’s a draw! Two premieres bring Arthur Ashe Stadium to life. We got to the tiebreak. The first to make a mistake is Alcaraz who makes up for the second shaky Tiafoe: If you turn to 3-3. To report a short ball that shakes the corner of the Spanish player, the American who serves wins a set point. The US Open rule is: “Don’t go to a tiebreaker with Tiafoe”, “Don’t go to a tiebreaker with Tiafoe”. Alcaraz really misses a little bit and blows up Ashe Stadium for the American, for the match: we go for fifth! Francis has eight out of eight in the US Open tiebreak.

Quinto Group

The last and decisive group opens like the last two previous ones, i.e. with Broke by Alcaraz in the opening. Tiafoe misses Whoever leads 30-15 misses three rights and finds himself at the bottom of the score. After the challenge with Cilic, with Sener, this also ends with Tiafoe in fifth for the Spaniard and also this race is very unstable from the point of view of logic. The American fought back and won the first inning with a winning backhand kickback, but then succumbed in the next turn to “0”. The first serve rate is 21% in the fifth group for the American, compared to 69% for the Spaniardnumbers that force him to chase again. Eight consecutive points give Alcaraz the advantage of two games, it will be enough in the final match in which straight-legged and serving is definitively for the American. We have to wait His fourth match point, third in a row to direct the right shaking of applause for the best Tiafo of his career and for the final ‘best player’ kickoff for Carlos Alcaraz, is now called up to his first Grand Slam final against Casper Rudd.