Ancona, the new sports year of rugby union begins in Ancona

Ancona – Anconitana Rugby Union introduced the teams and inaugurated the new sports year. Yesterday (September 10) was an intense day for Ora – Anconitana Rugby Union.

At the Nelson Mandela della Montagnola stadium for the oval ball, several hundred people gathered yesterday at 4 pm to welcome the New Year. At the ceremony, in addition to the three presidents of the association, was also the municipal councilor Stefano Forsei, since the athlete Andrea Guidotti was busy elsewhere.

Young rugby team

“The numbers are growing, the use of summer centers has doubled and records are flying on the rugby field. Today – explains one of the three managers, Ernesto Cimino (head of the U-17 team and seniors) – we presented all the teams, and there were representatives of boys from all categories ».

«The numbers are on the rise, especially in small rugby game – which includes very young people from 4 to 15 years old – the summer camps are very good thanks to the Lady of the Coni camp which allowed us to introduce new sports to the young ones who are getting training.” If last year, in 2021, the summer centers gathered about fifteen members, then this year there were an average of 40 children. As if that weren’t enough, there’s a third division ready to climb the rankings.

A little later, projects will start appearing Sports and inclusion In the world of schools: “Primary, middle and secondary schools will be involved in the Ancona region” – continues Cemino, explaining that “school children do not pay fees, because We are of the opinion that a boy should be able to play all the sports he wants, without affecting the family budget».

The third time, a big party was held in the wonderful club, which also hosted people in times of epidemic in the outdoor seating. Now that the Covid virus is more manageable, dinners and lunches are back indoors, instead, in a festive weekend vibe. it was there Fresh drinks, pasta and desserts for everyonein the great Montagnola family.

Dorica Rugby President Franco Stazio with Commissioner Forsey at the start of the new sports year

«Sport, rugby, is also strong among girls and women. We have very young players, as well as old ones, in rugby – Reflecting Franco Stazio, President of Dorica Rugby (Women’s team) -. Six Nations results I found Italy very ready in women’s rugby, which achieved excellent results on Friday, beating France and winning with Scotland and Ireland.

Pink rugby, which, however, «Affected at the national level by the problem of covidbut in Marche we have a project – explains Stazio – that is supported by the FIRE Regional Committee (of which Stazio is the advisor and delegate of the women’s department) ». project called Team Montgranaro Marche, which aims to recruit all the Marche girls to register in the First Division. It will be played in a roving format between Ancona, Macerata and Jesse, training in all fields of the regional territory: “It will be a driving force for this sport at the national level”.

President Martini: “The nice thing about this is that there are a lot of kids, but there are a lot of adults too”

This field is the flagship of Ancona rugby for the city. Chancellor Forsey opened the new sports year: “Ura has always been active in the social fieldof inclusion and solidarity. The rugby boys are active in this neighborhood, in Montagnola, and all over Ancona.”

«With summer camps, they did a good jobEven my granddaughter goes there,” Forsey joked, recalling Ora’s availability to host French soldiers heading to Greece for an emergency.

“We have had two difficult years because of the pandemic, but during the period of the virus, we have maintained a strong relationship with the members. We managed to meet and do competitive activities – recalls Claudio Martini (President U15) -. This is a year that starts with good conditions because we have never given up in these difficult years. Rugby is an intergenerational sport, there are lots of kids out there, and it’s a great game to make it happen. From this year, among others, there will also be an adult team, and touch rugby».

Rugby players playing at the Montagnola stadium in Ancona

Meanwhile, a few days ago, The agreement between Rugby Falconara and Ora has arrived: “The clubs – read the relative press release – are happy and proud to present the new technical project to develop a joint U17 class. The class, starting from the 2022-2023 season, will be able to count on the relevant members of the two clubs. Single formation including boys wines 2006 and 2007who will share the same growth trajectory, comparing themselves every weekend with their peers from the Marche region and beyond, thus laying the foundations for creating a strong nursery for youngsters to be ready for the under-19 stage and thus to make a leap in quality in the first team.”