ATP 250 Metz: Sonico beats Korda, in the semi-finals

One of the best Lorenzo Sonego in 2022 flies onto the field in the quarterfinals of the ATP 250 in Metz and defeats Sebastian Korda in two sets. 6-4 and 6-4 Final score, only one break per set, without giving up serving, final score owed to an excellent performance. All went well today in Piedmont, starting with the serve Which gave him very important points, especially in the central stage of the second set, when Korda (finally) regained the equalizer and put a lot of pressure on the blue. But the gap between Lorenzo and Sebastian today was above all in the intensity of the match, in the thrust, in the speed on the pitch and in the coverage of the same. With so much credit given to the color blue, it’s true to assert that today’s Korda was the faded image of this gorgeous geometric tennis creator that Musetti admired. This is how Sebi served, and above all, he made many mistakes in construction and almost could not keep Sonego on the field, which he proves with his good acceleration in defense. Today’s Lorenzo was good at front-kick, but above all he was so good at containing the opponent’s acceleration, which was not so fast and aggressive, he ended up dashing after two or three throws in from the blue. Korda was a little slow, off his feet and thinking, had some kind of quality only in the second set, but he gave up on the role of serving that was fatal to him. In the first set, the break was almost offered to Sonego, but in the second set it was Lorenzo who went to get it, spurred by the excellent match that was saved in the previous round. Sonego hasn’t been liked yet in 2021, but This version of Piedmont has a very interesting liveliness, intensity and courage. In the next round he will have a very complex opponent, Hubert Hurkacz , but playing with his determination, with such speed and service finally found again, Lorenzo surely will leave no stone unturned and will try. This is the Sonego we love, and who wins, seizes opportunities.

The proceedings of the meeting

The match begins with sending Corda. The first tremor on 1 total. The American gets into a bad game, at zero ceding the break to Sunego, with a classic unforced backhand. Very slow with Sebastian’s feet at this start. Lorenzo plays hard, does nothing incredible, but through the exchange of Korda collects the pieces of the “son of art” mistakes. 3-1 Sonego. Still under the age of 15-30, the Piedmontese are quickly entering the field, but this time Korda picks up the pace and looks to push with precision and stays on the 3-2 heels. Sonego performs well, in his first three rounds losing only three points, sure, to 4-2. The difference in his performance compared to Korda at this start is energy, intensity and speed in attacking the ball. Lorenzo goes to serve in the first set at 5-4. The first 15 returns, after a very long exchange in which he kept nailed to the contrary. He rids himself of the service, then throws himself into the net and is pardoned by a passerby of an American who does not pass through the net, almost in the open field. A petty backhand foul, on the other hand, sentences “Sony” to 30 even. With a good first serve to the body, he gets his first fixed point at 40-30. Sonego pushes with a forehand and wins the point…or rather not, checking Lorenzo’s Corda Defense Force rebound to return the point. Playing the same style, pushing hard against the back of Sebastian, who hit the net. 6-3 Sonego, deserved group, excellent service He defended the second half and beat it without worry.

The second group, Corda is first served. With a good game they are leading 1-0. Blue’s first match was more difficult, but he takes his turn to serve. The rear transmission scheme works well, a step forward and he’s propelled by Lorenzo’s forehand stroke. He also invents a nice damper equal to 2 even. Forward 3-2, Korda finally found a very effective response game. He pushes, he advances, with a great, superb shot, he leads 15-40, he has his first break points. Lorenzo eliminates the first opportunity by sending him in the middle. Another solid first ball, still at a T, the answer barely hits the net. Gipo Arbino breathes a sigh of relief in the stands, with the first two other (including Ace!), Lorenzo winning 4 points in a row, in fact without starting the exchange, for 3 points for all. Sonego’s arm is pretty hot at this point, with a great forehand hitting the 30 line all, and here’s the first break point to escape in the second set. Lorenzo holds up in defense, stalks, and it’s Korda who misses the backhand. 4-3 and Sonego serve forward, two steps from the semi-finals to Metz. Korda is trapped, has a violent spurt of response and goes from 0 to 30. The Torino player bravely advances not to leave room for Peter’s son’s initiative. Well, the first attack, then a huge foul collection by Korda, a backhand is not impossible. He climbs into the sky with Lorenzo thrashing, and with another good one in the middle, Sonego pulls another complicated game, flying forward 5-3. Korda seems to no longer believe it, makes another bad mistake and then suffers a (well-executed) wetness by Sonego. It’s 15-30, two points from the Blue game. With another great defense, covering the field well and holding the forehand in the run, Lorenzo has his first game point at 30-40. Nothing “in” first for Korda… but it pushes the American and eliminates the first chance for blue. The American is still alive in the match, and Sunego sends to close at 5-4. Start with a big hit, ace, then lead the swap with a forehand, 30-0. The fifth ace in the match raises his score to 40-0, 3 more points for the match. The first is enough, with a right win along the line from the left leaves the competing company. Great performance by Lorenzo, who returned to the semi-finals of an ATP tournament. Wait for the winner Hurkacz – Rinderknech. A match in which he will start from the underdog, but with such momentum and speed on the field, his chances will certainly play. Bravo Lorenzo!

Marco Mazzoni

ATP Metz

Lorenzo Sonego



Sebastian Korda



Winner: Sonego

5 ACES 2
0 double errors 0
37/57 (65%) first service 37/57 (65%)
30/37 (81%) first service points won 26/37 (70%)
12/20 (60%) second place service points won 9/20 (45%)
2/2 (100%) breakpoints saved 1/3 (33%)
10 Service Games Played 10
11/37 (30%) First serve return points won 7/37 (19%)
11/20 (55%) 2 points return second service won 8/20 (40%)
2/3 (67%) break the converted points 0/2 (0%)
10 rematches played 10
42/57 (74%) Service points won 35/57 (61%)
22/57 (39%) Return Points won 15/57 (26%)
64/114 (56%) total points won 50/114 (44%)