Beautiful Italy defeats France with defense and hatred – OA Sport

The match between Italy and France has just ended in Biella, and is valid as a friendly match considering the Women’s Rugby World Cup to be held in New Zealand in October.. So, the last commitment in the blue before the meeting that will take them to the world championships date in less than a month. Here’s how it went.

France started strong, using physical strength to break through, but Italy, which holds up so well in the shock wave and first attack across the Alps, crashes into the blue wall. Italy, though, is plagued by French lunges that cross the goal line at 5′, but Di Giandomenico’s side defense keeps the ball high and does nothing. A large pressure of transalpine in blue reaches 22 . and 8 The first half of the game with fall for the first 0-7. He insists on pushing France, but the Italian defense is excellent, and he tries to relieve the pressure with good footplay that shifts the center of gravity of the game a bit. It’s almost a monologue to have a player across the Alps, but as in Nice even today, the blue is solid in defence, despite its many struggles.

The Blues, who can’t take advantage of the few possessions they’ve won, make a mistake when they’re in the French half, but as the minutes go up they at least raise the center of gravity of the match. Although, when France has the ball, it hurts the blue defense and in half an hour of a clash at 5 meters they break through the goal line It’s Roman Menager to crush 0-14. Italy is trying to raise the competitive level and in 33 minutes, the blue pressure forces the French to make a mistake and touch 5 meters for the home team. And two minutes after the next hit Melissa Bitoni hits Biella’s meadow, goes further and blue target 5-14. And two minutes later still a great blue defense, they force France to make a mistake, Ora Muzu kicked the ball away, then recovered Michela Cellari’s ball and the 12-14 team’s second goal.. A blue foul gives France the last attack in the first half, but the Italian blocks twice across the Alps and we go to rest with beautiful Italy at -2.

Now France struggles a lot with the ball in hand, the blue defense is dominant, and the mistakes of opponents who lost certainty in the first quarter of the game increase a lot. Italy which, therefore, is the first to enter 22 opponents and after stealing a touch at a distance of 5 metres, the blue and In the 45th minute comes Vitoria Ostuni Minutsi’s goal and Italy’s advantage in 19-14. However, the twisted touch from the Italians once again put France in the path of progression, but then again it is Italy’s advanced defense that forces across the Alps a foul and then a foul and a match now completely over. And in the 54th minute comes the goal of Beatrice Rigoni, which concludes another blue move, but there is a minimum for the striker and nothing. Italy is still in attack and a new high entry from a defense across the Alps, but a new foul throw deprives the Blues of a chance. Di Giandomenico’s team risks an attacking touch by France, but the blue strike resists and this time a missed opportunity for the visitors.

Blue Defense remains excellent, and badly affects every wave crossing the Alps. In injury 64 to Francesca Sorbini, who came out in tears. After struggling in the first 20/30 minutes, the blue player has found the right place and France should be called up due to another foul in the group and Italy who are stepping up the field. He lost the ball, the blue foul, and a new chance for the French to influence the score or lead just 10 minutes from the end. And in the 69th minute, it was Lorenz who went to the goal on the wing and fixed the score at 19-19. Italy, which also lost Magatti and Maris due to injury. At 75′ an extraordinarily long and brilliant blue action, seasoned with a series of fleeting mistakes and the latest being a Queyroi attacking volunteer. Penalty goal for Italy and yellow in the opening of France and Italy lead 26-19. Dominating Italy in meeting points, it’s a great match for Italians who dream of victory. The last chance, however, is for France with a touch in the Blues 22 one minute from the end. But there is a mistake by France and Italy can celebrate at Biella and look forward to the World Cup with great confidence.

Italy – France 19-26

Italia: 15 Ostuni Minozzi, 14 Mozzo, 13 Cellari, 12. Rigoni, 11 Magati, 10 Madea, 9 Stefan, 8 Giordano, 7 Sgorbeni, 6 Locatelli, 5 Duca, 4 Federighi, 3 Guy, 2 Bettoni, 1 Maris
On the bench: 16 Vecchini, 17 Stecca, 18 Seye, 19 Arrighetti, 20 Franco, 21 Granzotto, 22 Stevanin, 23 D’Incà
France: 15 Jacquet, 14 Lorenz, 13M miniature, 12 Darwin, 11 Pollard, 10 Quiroy, 9 Bourdon, 8 Gros, 7 R. Minager, 6 Velio, 5 Val, 4 Ferrer, 3 Bernado, 2 Sochat, 1 Deshai
In Panchina: 16 Touye, 17 Brousseau, 18 Joyful, 19 Forlani, 20 Mayans, 21 Sansus, 22 Tremouliere, 23 Boujard
Marcatrici: 8′ m. fall tr. Darwin, 30 minutes. R. Menager tr. Darwin, 35 min. Bitoni, 38 min. Sillary R. Rigoni, 45′ m. Ostuni Minozzi R. Rigoni, 69′ m. Llorens, 75′ Mt. Italy

Photo: Fir/Getty Images