Before Championship A, the team is in action. Successful retreat for three days. New registered players and athletes’ names are in pink.

In light of the A Championship, which begins on October 2 (the first day on the grounds of Civitavecchia), Livorno Rugby has strengthened itself by grafting four of its ‘old acquaintances’, from the athletes it has faced, as opponents (also) last year in B From LundaX Lions Amaranth they transferred power to the Three Roses Club, the thirty-year-old whore Alberto Giusti The opening half Diego Rolla (For the latter, the ’96, green-and-white rugby-born, that’s a comeback); The 35-year-old edifice descended into the shadow of Quattro Mori of CUS Siena David Bezzoli The opening half Filippo Bartolomeucci, born in 2001. All players are destined to carve out significant spaces, certainly not registered to “make numbers”. In a few days, Club Labronica also plans to formalize the patchwork of two Argentines: it is a tower that already has important experiences in various European championships, and a young trocar. Fitness Trainer Marco ZkagnaIn these early days of sessions, he added two elements of the 2005 class, the middle, to the first team Giorgio Linzi And the third line Christian Rafa, who appeared last year in Livorno under-17 rugby, and runner-up for this category’s national championship. The two, although also active at the Federal Development Center in Livorno, will be part of the Green and White Under-19 representative. Lorenzo NaniExtreme middle class 2004, National under 19, mate Andrea Rossi, a scrum half who played, convincingly, as a rookie, with the seniors, the last four races of last Super Season. Compared to last year, three players born in 2003, born and raised in the green-and-white nursery school, no longer appear on the roster, and who (legally) aim for professional careers: Bitch Diego De Rossi has landed in the country (Serie A, group 2) , the inaugural Alessandro Gesi was called to the Federal Academy Zebras, while second line Filippo Lavorenti (transfer will be completed in a few days) was assigned to CUS Torino (newly promoted to Top 10). Returning to Liguria, after two seasons in the green and white jersey, the opening half was elusive – Pietro Jaggero. Zino Menicucci, Alberto Neri, Diego Santi and Pietro Canepa hang their shoes, although they were little used last year. At the moment, the third line has not been trained Alberto Mirani: In the end, the former captain will return to the ranks next January; Back in pink, however, the trocar Giacomo Zanoni.

Just a month after the tournament kicked off, Livorno Rugby made a profitable dip from September 2-4 at Pian degli Ontani (858 meters above sea level), in the municipality of Abetone-Cutigliano. Way to strengthen the group, in view of a particularly difficult tournament. In each of the three Serie A groups, there are 11 teams at the start. Playoff for first promotion from each group and best second: Only one formation will advance to the top ten. In all, for four teams: the last of each group and the worst in the triangle to be played between the penultimate team of each group. Before the start of the tournament, Livorno Rugby will not play friendlies.

ecoCurrently, The entire staff at Livorno Rugby.

Avanti: Marco Andreotti, Simone Baldi, Dario Pacha, Mattia Berthomier, Simone Petossi, Cristiano Buvalini, Andrea Castellani, Ranieri Chitty, Giacomo Ciaparelli, Alessandro Cristiglio, Tommaso Ficarra, Enrico Frischi, Alberto Giustani, Giacomo (Capri). Jonathan Best, Lorenzo Bardini, David Pezzoli, Emmanuel Piras, Giorgio Scrocco, Michel Damiano Sforzi.

Medians / trocars: Filippo Bartolomeucci, Tito Daniele Chiesa, Andrea Cherici, Lorenzo City, Leonardo Cristiglio, Filippo Galli, Diego Ianda, Tazio Mini, Lorenzo Nani, William Byram, Diego Rolla, Andrea Rossi, Saverio Steavini, Jacopo Andrea Tomaselli, Niccolo Giorgiosone Vell.