Berrettini drops a set and takes a break with Rod

Today, at 18 Italian time, as has often happened in the past two years, the hands of the Italian tennis clock will stop. The reason is as simple as possible: play Matteo Berrettiniin the third quarter-finals of his career at the US Open, against Casper Road. Already from the opponent, reading the stats, you can breathe a little: Blue has played in the past 5 Grand Slam quarter-finals, with a 3-2 record. Both Signed defeats Novak Djokovicin two big matches out of four groups in Roland Garros and on US Open from 2021. So the Roman is playing with a much more affordable opponent, to achieve his fourth Grand Slam semi-final, by just one less than Nicola Petrangelli (But with a career still in the making.) Moreover, looking into the future, even semi-final statements can make you smile, regardless of Kyrgios: Of the three who played, The two lost both with Nadal, in January in Australia, and in New York three years ago, the first. Translator: You need holy beasts to defeat Matthew when it counts, especially in these parts…almost always.

Almost all of it is due to a disturbing statistic, which also sees two avoidable defeats, but explained in context. In 2018, in the first round, he defeated Berrettini usually In three fairly straightforward combinations, but about a year before he exploded at high levels, and against an opponent who had always been able to have his say in the fast. In 2020, from sixth on the board, Matteo succumbed in the fourth round (in a 2019 remake won by Roman, one of 16 career victories in New York) to Andrey Rublevin full ascent towards the top ten, and in a period of turmoil for him. However, if you want to find a positive side for that 2020 championship, always in proper proportions, it is that Mathieu in the third round beat Casper Rudd, The 37th time in the world, in three groups. So the precedents 1-0 here in our favor over the Norwegian (on aggregate 3-2 for a n.5 rating), which among other things only in the second quarter of his career, after just one months ago at Roland Garros.

But we learned more and more how Italian tennis doesn’t end with just Berrettini (who won today, among other things, will climb to ninth in the race, giving an important acceleration to a dream third time in the ATP Finals). Indeed, in the quarter-finals, for the second time this year in one of the four Grand Slams, after the Australian Open, there is also Yannick Sener. (In the third quarter of the year, and at Roland Garros he was in control of the fourth round against Rublev before he had to retire), who will face Carlos. Alcaraz. Jannik is too Youngest to reach the quarter-finals of all Grand Slam tournaments Da Novak Djokovic Neal 2007-2008.

For 49 years, two Azures have not followed in my footsteps Banata e Bertolucciboth in the quarters of al Roland Garros In 1973, he had never seen again until a few months earlier, with the new faces of Italian tennis. It was only in Melbourne that Berrettini faced it my sonwhile the sinner surrendered to Tsitsipas. If they both win between today and tomorrow, it will be the first time since 1960 that two Italians have competed together in a Grand Slam semi-final. they will follow Perola e petrangelywho was able to do so at Roland Garros 62 years ago, was the first and then the loss at that point in the tournament, where the great Nicolas would win the Knights Cup for the second time in a row.

Another smile, one last, before the field makes its judgments, we have two other important stats. Yannick is the first born in the new millennium to reach at least the quarter-finals of all slams, while Mateo is the first tennis player born in the 1990s to do so, so before Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Rublev. and the company. It demonstrates an innate tendency of this boy, and it would probably be more correct to say about these guys, in the Grand Slam tournaments, to manage the important moments. And mental strength can never make a difference as in this tournament: it’s actually the third major of the millennium, later Wimbledon 2002 and the US Open itself, in 2020, he did not even have a Slam champion among the last 8 tournaments. In the tournament, 20 years ago, he won Hewitt, already the first in the world; In New York two years ago the first gem (and who knows, unfortunately the last) Dominic Timwhich was 3 in the world. Therefore, even without significant victories, players who already have a career are behind them. And at the Slam, the only person with such palms out of the eight still at Flushing Meadows, and with more than one major semi-final (plus the three, only Ruud and Kyrgios have one), is Berrettini.. They say math is not an opinion, and we hope Mathieu will think about it, and make sure it goes that way.