Carlos Alcaraz takes revenge. Sinner does not take advantage of a match point and surrenders after more than five hours

[3] C. Alcaraz b. [11] J. Sener 6-3 6-7 (7) 6-7 (0) 7-5 6-3

There are not many who can boast of their technical background Shots are stronger than those of Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz. Certainly, in the best period of their career, such as contraindicated Andy Roddick e Juan Martin del Potro They certainly could have had an opinion, but they did tonight Exceptional spectators in a star match alike.

We are watching the game of tennis change before our very eyes. This is the future development of the game – announce John McEnroe During a meeting can certainly open a file new part in our sport. The premise is a must: who, for whatever reason, has not seen this match He has to find a good four hours to do that. Maybe quickly: The danger is that there are often many other people of the same level. Or, why not, even higher. Yannick Sener and Carlos Alcaraz continue to amaze, giving an exceptional level of tennis. A level maintained by only 3 other phenomena consistently high. In the end, it is the Spaniard who wins, and he pardons himlight blue Missing a match point, and in the long run, The difference appears on a physical level Among the players on the field. For the first time in his career, the karaz is in one Four slam semi-finalsbecoming the youngest to go this far in a major since 2005. That was the year Rafael Nadal, who then won his first Roland Garros championship. After 17 years, the baton has effectively passed on to another Spaniard, who is only 19, suffering from the same hunger as his illustrious predecessor. If he will imitate his actions, thus conquer The first profession in the professionHe’ll get over it, too At the top of the ranking.

match – Sener starts the service and the match begins Simply amazing. There is immediately room for his excellent back pass and a superb shot from Alcaraz, but also for his three double faults. Zuri Which includes as many as possible Bali rest in favor of the Spaniards. Number 11 from seeding with merit cancels out the first two, but the bar pulls his hand into the fairway on the third chance. Pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero Starts strong immediately So in the transmission it goes 2-0. His intentions are clear from the first exchanges: Pay as hard as you can To take control of the stock exchange on the spot, taking the time of his opponent. But in the fourth half, the karaz exaggerate and collide with each other Free too, returning the first half to Sinner. Italian still manifested Obvious problems with the second transmission (2/11 so far) and should eliminate another break opportunity, but the fifth time climbs 3-2, also thanks Great first point the meeting.

I 33 minutes Necessary to complete the first five games (Yesterday, just two were enough for Khachanov with a 7-5 score over Kyrgios) attests, as expected, one great fight. The level is very high and the winners – often extraordinary – are many on both sides. In the seventh half, the karaz finds a new breakto get the most out of so many seconds From his opponent and always finds very definitive answers. Sinner goes to serve to stay in the first set at 3-5, but Service problems persist. The overly aggressive Iberians are closing down 6-4 The first part where the difference is Performance with the second transmission: With only 32% win points (17/6) and 4 double faults it’s hard to do until the match.

However, nothing to take away, however, yet exceptional performance From number four in the world, who covers the field in a masterful way and in one group finds more breaks (3) than he did in Two previous full meetings (Zero in seven sets between Wimbledon and Umag.) The sinner must try to resist the flashes of his opponent, reduce the fouls and try to do so Spanish move more. In the third game of the second set, exactly this happens:light blue He gets two points for breaking, and at the second chance, b straight cross destroyed He finds the extension, emphasizing the advantages in 3-1. Compared to the first fraction, the number 13 in the order is Certainly more seriousalso because of Alcaraz which is temporary fell from the cloud It is less painful to respond.

Sinner managed to keep his precious break advantage until the end of the set, It also closes many points in the network. The Iberian wins the ninth match Two points in defense without logical meaning And under 4-5, the Italian returns to reveal Obvious problems with the second. At the first opportunity, the carder returns to the group: 5-5. The solidly ranked number 3 returns to the levels of the first set, finding winners all around and forcing Sinner to make a mistake. In the twelfth gamelight blue It sinks to 0-40, but pulls out of the cylinder Four consecutive wins. The tiebreak seems to be upon us, but the Spaniard Tournament point inventedHe put an Italian forehand in play with a superb shot from behind the back.

The number 4 in the world also managed to get a fourth setting point but at the time of closing, Sends the easiest forehand in his game to the net. Thanks to the errant, he was saved and really grabbed 6-6. The level of tennis expresses the limits of perfection. The Italian is the first to find a small break, which is immediately resumed but still gets a set point. Under 5-6 find Alcaraz A Illegal cross ring In more than 200 countries around the world, after changing aspects, he who goes to the set point. wrong, however, It still depends on the serviceFinding the divine ace and climbing 8-7. with Backhand winning response tolight blue Vince 7-6 (7) One of the most beautiful sets of the year, snatching the first half from the Spaniard.

Between the second and third group, we pause for a few minutes dry lines And from body language From Alcaraz, the Spaniard seems to have Accused of hitting. It seems, in fact, that after a well-deserved break point cancellation in the second half, he is the one who gets it. two in a row In the third group. The sinner, however, has the power to abolish both, Win by two points with the secondwhich is the yield between the first and second group almost doubledFrom 32% to 61%. The game goes on, keep going He plays almost exclusively on the lines wrong – wrong – wronglight blue He is saved, to advance 2-1 and unleash 19-year-old Murcia’s fury. The problem is that the service is back to It operates in alternating phases: In the fifth inning, the Italian player passes under 0-40, and reaches a tie again, however, in the fourth chance, Alcaraz excels. three in a row Dramatically close to the lines They deserve 3-2 and the service, but none of them can afford a slight cost Voltage drop. The Spaniard makes a double fault on all 30 people, but the fault cue back response In a slightly uncertain second: Ferrero’s pupil thanked and climbed 4-2.

It’s even hard to put it into cold words Constant and sometimes surreal intensity That both players managed to unleash. In the eighth game, Sener makes up for it, responds divinely and sends the Karaz into trouble, and finally succeeds in doing so. tear down the iberian walland restore the fracture from deprivation and slip Three games in a row: 5-4. problemlight blue is that the number three on the board is likely to do the same. In the eleventh match, the Spaniard dusts off moments tennis galore Only belongs to the first group (and at the end of the second), constantly searching deep and penetrating blows He will serve in the group. The reaction of the 21-year-old from Sesto Pusteria explores the mystical boundaries that only Novak Djokovic previously reached.. after findingImmediate counter fractureAlso thanks to another sci-fi point, Sinner arrives at a new tiebreaker. And this time, he is Literally one way: for about twenty minuteslight blue He never misses a beat and puts his head forward for the first time: 7-6 (0). Three hours and 22 minutes later. At 1 am in New York.

Alcaraz must try Re as soon as possibleit’s my country toilet break Between the third and fourth parts does not produce the desired effects. In fact, the Spaniard returns to the field He loses the joke right awayunder 0-2. The game has been completely scrapped.: A sinner is often the one who holds the ball in his hand, while Sometimes the karaz seems helpless. The first two rounds of multiplication gameslight blue I Anything but trivialBoth hold the advantages without compromising their breaking point. on stroke 4 hours of gaming The 19-year-old from Murcia lets loose a bit of stress, goes to 0-40 and finds out Three trackers in a row, one more destructive than the otherand rupture repair. At the moment on paper which is most unfavorable to him, Sinner does not flinch, and continues to answer everything and repay the Iberian in the same coin. On the new 0-40 Alcaraz commits a double fault, returning the break to his opponent, who throws an aces and You don’t look back: 5-3. In the most important moment of his young career also Yannick Sener Shows the hidden human side, Losing a match point and giving up serving at the second chance: 5-5. No. 3 in seed Reborn in a moment from his ashesreturn to fire cannon shots from all over the field and win the last four consecutive games e 11 of the last 12 points of the fourth set.

Sinner’s hardest job right now is to get back on the field and try it Forget the idea of ​​approaching a historical landmark. Spending more than four and a half hours certainly doesn’t help him, also because at the start of the fifth he’s the one who looks between the two. Pay more from a material point of view. Alcaraz looks more playful and easily keeps his first two hitting rounds at 15, whilelight blue He has more concerns, but he still affects 2-2. The first break points of the fifth group are her points unexpectedly and thanks to her Three in a row for free No. 4 in the world. A sinner cannot miss such an opportunity, he takes advantage of the second opportunity and steps forward to lead. This match never ceases to impress, and in the 3-2 40-15 period, the No. 11 seed failed to do so cling to serviceThe most important weapon he left, he comes back again First resumed, then beat. Carers fly to 4-3 and don’t mention physically lowWhile Italians’ legs start at it Stop responding to commands. In the eighth game, the Spaniard sets the decisive tie, converting the second break point. after, after 5:15 amAt 2.50 local time, Carlos Alcaraz won 6-3 6-7 (7) 6-7 (0) 7-5 6-3 The most important match of his career, breaking the record for the last match in the history of the US Open. and the The first semi-final of his career at the level of a Grand Slam For 19 years from Murcia: he will find Francis TiafoeAnd the Who defeated Andrei Rublev in the quarter-finalsto try to keep a dream Become number one in the world.