Carlos Alcaraz wins the marathon with Marin Cilic and faces Jank Sener – OA Sport

Carlos Alcaraz will be Yannick Sener’s opponent in the 2022 US Open quarter-finals. And therefore there will be a rematch from the Wimbledon match in the second round (the blue win), given that the Spaniard He defeated Croatian Marin Cilic after a thrilling five-set battle with a score of 6-4, 3-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. Roughly four hours of gameplay. Thus the Spaniard continues his race to first place in the ATP rankings and also eliminates the last player to have won at least one Grand Slam. For the third time in a row at the US Open, there will be the first time, as has already happened with Tim and Medvedev in the last two editions.

Balanced game As evidenced by the extra point that Alcaraz won compared to Cilic (143 vs 142). The Spaniard finished with 28 winners, well below the excellent Cilic (45). The Croatian pushed a lot of unforced errors (66), with the Spaniard stopping instead at 41. 14 aces were not enough for the world’s 15, who made 13 double-faults.

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celic launch, Whoever finds the break at the opening of the match goes 2-0. However, Alcaraz’s reaction is immediate and lies in a four-game winning streak, The Spaniard takes the Croatian serve twice and leads him forward with a break in the first set. The world number four does not give his opponent any chances and closes the first break in his favour, 6-4.

In the aftermath of the group win, Alcaraz secured the first game in the first game of the second set. But this time, it was Cilic who finds a four-match winning streak, Reverse the complete deadlock of the game. The Croatian escapes with a 4-1 score and is no longer reached by the Spaniard and closes the group with a score of 6-3.

In the third group, the performance of services is monitored very quickly. Cilic eliminates a break point in the eighth inning, but the tenth inning is decisive. Alcaraz is furious in response to three consecutive points. Cilic managed to disqualify the first two, but in the third he had to give up, as the Spaniard won the set 6-4 and proceeded with the match.

In the fourth group there are break points. Cilic scored three times in a row from 0-40 in the third inning, but wasted it badly. In contrast, Alkaraz has the same number in the sixth game, but again whoever serves succeeds in saving himself. In match eight, Cilic appears to give up at 15-40, but the serve doesn’t betray him as he eliminates those two other break points. In the next match, the Croatian plays devastating blows with a forehand and this time he does not miss the opportunity to break 0-40.. Alcaraz still has two chances to counter-break, But Cilic stuck to the first set and won the set 6-4.

The fifth set begins with the second half occupied by Cilic, but right after that, Alcaraz comes in for the counter-breaker. The Spaniard was so good at reacting quickly, while the Croat suffers from a missed opportunity and plays a poor fourth, that he even lost serve to zero. Alcaraz runs 4-1 and then 5-2. The Spaniard’s arm does not tremble and closes the set at 6-3. Once again it will be Janis Sener vs Carlos Alcaraz!

Photo: La Presse