Izcor: “I came to rugby by chance, now it’s my life”

Izcor: “I came to rugby by chance, now it’s my life”

Do you want to advertise on this site? Once he scored after only 37 seconds, starting straight from the half field. It was against Valorrugby, on May 3, 2021, and he started the match by picking up a loose ball from the ground to let it go, after an undisputed rhythm in the opponent’s court, … Read more

Rugby, Top10 – Lions’ second defeat in the Coppa Italia: Reggio Emilia passes 32-16 at ‘Mirabello’

Another honorable defeat for Sitav Rugby Lyons, who fought throughout the match with Valorugby Emilia in “Mirabello”, was punished in the second half by numerical inferiority, which divided the match in favor of Reggio players. Despite some absences and a shorter bench, the team spirit was very positive, managing to withstand the influence of one … Read more

Football, rugby and life stories in books

Fantastic football parade with the community called Bomber Pictured: Massimo Arcadiacono, Riccardo Rosso, David Muscardilli, journalist at the Sports Festival Piazza Duomo Trento, September 24, 2022 [ Nicola ECCHER Archivio Ufficio Stampa Provincia autonoma di Trento] “Now I speak” (Cairo) with Antonio Matares, Alberto Cerruti and Italian 82nd champion Franco Cousio. President Antonio Matares spoke … Read more

Rugby Ork, Zebri Two points and a lot of regret: Sharks pass 42-37

A questionable refereeing option 5′ from the end invalidates the stunning return of the Italian franchise It would have been a brilliant victory, but the jubilation of Zebras and Lanfranchi was stifled by the decision of Welsh referee Craig Evans, who scored 5 minutes from the end – after reviewing the match goal for at … Read more

The All Blacks get their hands on the championship and destroy Australia

Five Objectives and Almost Complete Domination: The Wallabies Trapped and 48th consecutive success at Eden Park The All Blacks get their hands on the championship and destroy Australia (ph. All Blacks) Five attempts, complete domination of practically all areas of the field and an undoubted victory: The All Blacks after panicking in Melbourne dominate Australia … Read more

Rugby Championship: All Blacks – Australia vie 40-14

Rugby Championship: All Blacks – Australia vie 40-14 The derby is played in New Zealandato “Bledisloe Cup”, the first since the Queen’s disappearance. Therefore, a minute’s silence is observed before the start of the match for the former head of state of both countries. Always before kick-off, during the traditional New Zealand Maori dance “hakka”, … Read more

Coppa Italia: Day 2 lineups

Petrarca and Viadana on the pitch for the first time this season Coppa Italia: Lineups Day Two – Ph.D. Luca Seginolfi Four matches, eight teams on the field and the first season appearances of Italian champions Petrarca and Viadana: this is the list for the weekend of Italian domestic rugby, with the second day of … Read more

Rugby, Italian Cup, hosts Rovigo Viadana

The first home appearance of coach Aleister Coetzee, who will host rugby Vidana 1970 on Saturday 24th starting at 4 pm on the second day of the Coppa Italia. The South African coach said: “I know the expectations in Rovigo are always very high and we are working on a long-term path. The process is … Read more

URC: Zebras, two points and one close to getting lost. Sharks Date 42-37

Controversy over the canceled equalizer in Trola after a great comeback in the second half URC: Zebras, two points and one close to getting lost. Sharks 42-37 passes (Ph Stefano Delfrat) Another display and goals at Lanfranchi, as Zebras came close to another stunning comeback and surrendered to the Sharks for 42-37, after falling 28-3 … Read more

Caltanissetta, new synthetic cap “M. Tomaselli”: inlays for lines that do not correspond to the project

editorial boardSeptember 23, 2022 12:21 Share news Copy the link Share news The new “M. Tomaselli”, in some respects, does not yet comply with the provisions of the tender contract awarded by the municipality of Caltanissetta. The inlaying of the demarcation lines for the multi-purpose rugby and football stadium has not been carried out, at … Read more