“I feel perfect, I had nothing else to prove”

[4] L. Musetti b. [Q] JL. Struve 7-6 (3) 6-1 Lorenzo the Magnificent, is the name recorded in history by Lorenzo de’ Medici, the greatest exponent of the noble family of Florentine bankers who held power for more than three centuries in the entire Tuscan territory and beyond. This expression has recently been revived to … Read more

ATP 250 Sofia, Tel Aviv and Seoul: complete results with quarter-final details. On the field Musette and Sinner in Sofia (LIVE)

Jannik Sinner ITA, 08.16.2001 – Foto Getty Images ATP 250 Sofia (Bulgaria) – Quarter-finals, Saab (indoor) Central Court – Italian time: 11:00 (Local time: 12:00 noon) 1. [1] Simon Bolelli / Fabio Fognini opposite Fabian Valert / Oscar Otti The match hasn’t started yet 2. Kamel Majzarzuk Against Mark Andrea Heusler (not before: 13:00) The … Read more

Challenger Lisbon, Orleans and Buenos Aires: results with quarter-final details (LIVE)

Marco Cecchinato in the photo CHALLENGER LISBON (Portugal) – Quarterfinals, Mud CIF Stadium – or Italian: 11:00 (or local: 10:00 a.m.) 1. [4] Philip Missolek Opposite Giulio Zibieri The match hasn’t started yet 2. Benoit’s husband against [Alt] Timofey Skatov The match hasn’t started yet 3. [5] Marco Cecchinato against Nikola Milojevic or [2] Carlos … Read more

Wawrinka’s heart beats Ymir. Stan finds semi-finals after nearly 3 years

c. Sener b. n. Borges 6-3 6-4 Rediscover the top ten status and clean record A Sophia Attributed to Jannik kafir A big favorite role in his first cross with Nono Borges, a Portuguese who is 25 years old and currently has his best rating of #93 ATP. The South Tyrol region easily complied with … Read more

Tim struggles and Djir returns in Tel Aviv. The surprise arrived Lazarov at Musseti in Sofia in memory of his grandfather

Only five matches were played on Monday between Sophia e Tel AvivTwo ATP250s a week should be followed carefully due to the presence of Four Italians In Bulgaria (with first seed Sinner), plus a comeback Novak Djokovic in Israel. To indicate the victory of a character Dominic Tim The Tel Aviv Open Championshipthat is, week … Read more

What is the value of the Tennis World Cup (also known as the Davis Cup)?

After a weekend full of intense emotions after Federer’s touching salute that we won’t easily forget, a new fairly smooth week begins, with just 250 ATP tournaments. So let’s take the opportunity to look ahead and talk a little bit about this new Davis Cup, which we hope can give us great relief in the … Read more

ATP 250 Sofia: Lorenzo Musseti risks against wild card Lazarov but eventually comes back and wins the match. Blue in the quarter-finals

Lorenzo Mussetti pictured – Getty Images Lorenzo Mussetti He made it to the quarter-finals of the tournament ATP 250 Sophia.The Bulgarian Blue was defeated tonight after a big fight in the first two sets Alexander Lazarov 1997 class, No. 334 ATP and wild card with a score of 67 (5) 76 (8) 62 after 2 … Read more

Djokovic’s flood eliminates Tiafo and returns Europe to the front. A special thought for Federer

n. Djokovic (Europe) b. F. Tiafoe (World) 6-1 6-3 One-way gameIt’s hard to believe that Novak Djokovic’s last match was to win the final at Wimbledon. 2 and a half months ago. Serbian Dominates far and wideis flawless from below and barely gives a break point throughout the match, Close all four rounds of the … Read more

Begu experience wins, but Paoletti gem shines more and more

[3] IC Begu B. [WC] Bauliti 6-4 6-4 Italy Women’s Tennis on this cold Emily evening was a confirmation of the presence of A gem with potential still not understood In its entirety – if it’s a diamond, only time will tell – and it might even be able to revive the glorious splendor ladies … Read more

Challenger Lisbon, Orleans and Buenos Aires: results in details of the fourth day (live)

Giulio Zebri in the photo Challenger Lisbon (Portugal) – Round 2, Mud CIF Stadium – or Italian: 11:00 (or local: 10:00 a.m.) 1. Julio Ziberi against [6] Franco Agamenone ATP Lisbon Julio Ziberi 0 3 Franco Agamenone [6]• 0 4 service development group 1 Zippery 0-15 0-30 15-30 30-30 30-40 40-40 40 A 40-40 A-40 … Read more