Co-design for the under 17 team

Two teams, one team. Rugby Team Falconara and the Anconitana Rugby Union are pleased to present today the new technical project to develop a joint U-17 category which, starting from the 2022/23 season, will be able to count on the respective members of the two clubs. . One training involving the boys in 2006 and 2007, who would share the same growth trajectory, comparing each weekend with peers from the Marche region and beyond, thus laying the foundations for creating a strong youth nursery to prepare for U19 and then take a quality leap into the first team. The project, which lasts for three years and is of a comprehensive nature, extends to all the youth and clubs in the neighboring Marche region who are aware of the values ​​and objectives of the partnership; The aim is to enhance the youth rugby legacy on the local scene, with positive repercussions at the first level in the future.

In the full spirit of rugby engagement and support, the two clubs will cooperate in every respect for the success of the project. Starting from the start of the day’s activities, training sessions were actually planned in the structures of the Anconitana rugby union, and alternately in the structures of the Rugby Falconara. The technical and administrative staff of the under-17 category will consist of personalities from both clubs, who will check the progress of this historic and innovative technical partnership between the two clubs every six months. Players will also take the field wearing the respective club’s shorts and socks, wearing the Falconara rugby shirt or the Rugby Union Anconitana according to the headquarters of one of the companies hosting the competitive event.

The technical directors of the two clubs presented today the cooperation agreement to the headquarters of Anconitana Rugby Club at the “Nelson Mandela” Oval Stadium. Statements by Rugby Falconara Technical Director Ernesto Ballarini: “This project stems from the need to give a rugby reference to the two clubs’ common basin, providing quality and growth for anyone who wants to experience our discipline. It was initially conceived and designed by the two clubs for the Under-17 category, with the short and medium term aim of creating a cohesive group of squad. In the long run we want to participate in the barrage and why not enter the elite tournament.”

“This partnership – continues Ballarini – should be the driving force for the consolidation of the relationship between the two companies, which will necessarily have to collaborate to ensure a quality replacement for the U17 class, as well as continued growth to nurture a potential and future under-19 future. Yes it is a partnership that other clubs in the region can strengthen They reflect and share the same values. In this first year we aim to provide as many experiences for children as possible. For this reason, we are already working on organizing a trip abroad. We know that we are able to count on a wide range of necessary stimuli and the right synergies can greatly satisfy » .

These are the words of Anconitana rugby union technical director, Giovanni Bigliardi: “I can’t help but agree with the Falconara rugby manager. The project was studied and prepared together. The goal is to increase the number of practitioners and raise the technical average of the existing teams. The catchment area of ​​the Ancona-Falconara region is likely to be quite large. It is necessary to take advantage of unused resources, I have the impression that there is a huge untapped potential. The best energies are released through cooperation and mutual respect: both companies immediately made themselves available to implement what had previously been only a vague and undefined idea.”

«After all – concludes Bigliardi – two geographically close companies, based on the same catchment area, can only work together so as not to waste important resources, both social and economic. Common problems suddenly become common solutions. Moreover, on the technical side, coach Ballarini and I have very similar views. I would also like to thank my Under 17 coaches, Cristian Lombardi and Ariel Pierpaoli, who welcomed the project with enthusiasm. I share the goal Ernesto referred to: bàrrage, and why not, the elite. There is a lot of work to be done, and the way has been charted. The enthusiasm of the boys will pay off any effort.”