Coric puts Croatia one step closer to Malaga final, Miktic/Pavic gives 3-0

Couric b. F. Cerundolo 6-4 7-6 (6)

Born korekAnd the After losing to BrittanyHe took Marin’s place in a big way Selic – That the team led by Vidran Martic feel close to them, through a photo of the 33-year-old player from Medjugorje stuck to a chair and that all team members kiss in a funny way after each success achieved – beating the younger brothers first Ymir Then today Cerundolo, thus decree Removal Maths subordinate Argentina. match non Fabulous At the qualitative level that witnessed with that 25-year-old from Zagreb be polite Definitely better When it comes to playing I fifteen heavier. 2h12Minutes to give Croatia more hope than a founder sign in to ai Quarters. For Martic’s men, the unbridled chant for Italy now: defeating Sweden would qualify them for second place in the group. On the contrary, Volandri’s KO, which we do not hope, will lead to resort to separate classification. In that case the Croats would risk not doing so. They look forward to tomorrow, and they intend to round up More result today with their fixed points Mektic/Pavic.

match – The first-ever confrontation between the two players, who follow each other in the standings (No. 26 in the Croatian standings, right after the Argentine in 27th).

rest time in Opening As for Coric, with help from Cerundolo, he is definitely more nervous than the opponent, especially with a forehand, because the pressure Which gives him a defeat for Bayes. Later, the Argentine took the break, finding more initiative and courage, but suffers, like the other, in serving, where the first is rare. Coric sometimes it seems turn off The Losalmost without much effort, certainly also because he is able to play a heart lightCerundolo’s errors allow him to quickly restore the advantage. Then it will be closed 6-4 Finding a small hand from a deck is not particularly beautiful, with many faults, of which none of us find much more. Ultimately, the high quality of the Croatian allows him to Togo in benefit.

In the second, in the beginning there is no shortage of opportunities for Coric, but in time, after the start of the match a slowIt looks like a serundulo get excited When he takes a risk, but in the long run finds himself in the balance many times, the Croatian In the quinto Game succeed a to pass AvantiAlways taking advantage of the Argentine’s many mistakes. However, it turned out to be accurate The interaction Francisco, who gets I counter fracture In the eighth half. Borna is close to regaining the lead after a break Withdrawal To the bitter end n. 1 of the Korea team at 5-5, with the tennis player from South America hitting. Cerundolo, however, managed to to flee The danger is therefore, at this point, inevitable Come The break the tie. The Decisive Match is a complete programme, which the Argentine and Croatian fans were forced to live Deceive I heart in jola: Four small spacers to open jigs, two on each side, making the score to 5-5. On the next point, through the service, the champion Cincinnati Master buys 1000 the first match PointThe son of frustrated But by Francesco satirist. The 24-year-old from Buenos Aires, however, has the most beautiful yes Close: In the thirteenth point of the tie-break loses for every The Third time the joke in decisive game give up to me Ball match in the Balkans. and then. 26 ATP is not forgiven, it closes at the second chance, and thus gives in addition to lymph His team hopes to qualify for the finals of Malaga.

(Pellegrino Dell’Anno Collaboration)

N. Mektic / M. Pavic b. Gonzalez / H. Zeballos 6-2 7-5

Croatia Complete the work At best he could not, in his third and final challenge this Bolognese Davis, append 3-0 to the unfortunate Argentina. with the end result Necktie Already decided after singles, Nicola miktech and companion BAFIC They give the third point to their national team, thus making up for the defeat incurred on the first day by the blue duo Bolelli / Fognini. 6-2 7-5 The final score of the match for the Balkan pairs, I matured in just over an hour and ten of playing. Defeat, therefore, to the South American Maximo Gonzalez and horace Zeballoswhich they then collect first KO This week of tennis at the Casalecchio di Reno – the Unipol Arena is usually the home of Virtus Bologna, for people less used to ball in wedges: one of Bologna’s basketball spirits, this year’s European Cup winner -.

The experienced Argentine strikers are certainly the least responsible for this defeat eggswhile they took home the specialty point Both against Sweden and against the Azzurri. The problem of the team led by the magician KoreaIs that 37-year-old from Mar de Plata and 39-year-old from Tandil They always took the field with the result already achieved. Indeed, the great collapse of the winning team in the competition six seasons ago is precisely the collapse of its individual players: 0 The successes were combined between Schwartzman, Cerundolo and Baez. Argentina, which according to forecasts on the eve of the day – and the arrangement at hand – should have at least The fight for second place For the group with Croatia. Instead, it has deeply disappointed Failing to make even one match his own, he won only two unimportant matches.

It closes in the last place of the group, with the finalist at Roland Garros 2005 who will necessarily have to ask himself some questions about the choices that have been made: such as You give up Serondolo against Italyor not to watch Schwartzman repeatedly menstruation from new a little. In this an eraser Deciding on Emilian’s away match, it was clear that it would have been difficult for both teams to find reasons for Gonzalez/Zeballos even if they had won the victory. What would they have avoided? bottom from the group for the Argentine team. On the contrary, even with the score already in their pocket, a Croat win would have meant putting themselves in a better position to eventually arrive at three teams in two victories, the need of which is made all the more urgent given the 3-0 defeat. by the boys of Volandri.

Croats have breakkato Immediately, already at the opening match of the match, to treat In fact the whole partial is closed with More rips In the eighth game of 6-2 Final in less than half an hour. Definitely a more balanced sequel, with the Olympic gold duo in Tokyo Had to thwart the first break point at 2-2 – Premiere throughout the match – H Ben straight owed In the seventh half. After that there are no more chances to extend even 6-5 Croatia is here at the first chance of a break – reporter Match point announcement – From her Mektic/Pavic collection put an end to it Fracture and match. In the confrontation in question, Zeballos definitely did less than he did against Italy Good and bad weather Drag your partner to success without ever losing the joke, offer no stopping point and set the farm Several spells in 0; While he lost the match to the Croatians twice during the opening set.