CUS Siena and Valdelsa Rugby beat Pistoia in a friendly match

SIENA. On a wonderful and hot day in September, CUS Siena returned to the field with Valdelsa Rugby against the “Orsi” of Rugby Pistoia at Aldo Grassi in Gracciano and immediately showed a good attitude on the field. Due to low numbers available due to membership issues and diverse absences, CUS Siena – Valdelsa team technicians decided to form a single formation by uniting the members of the two companies in front of a beautiful Pistoy formation. A decision that allowed everyone to take the field to show their level of training and to let the technicians know better the characteristics of each player.

From the start, the Juventus players showed a higher level of play than the Pistoia Bears who, however, often managed to put the host’s back guard into difficulty. To explain the many organizational innovations of the players on the field, the score was 5 goals for one for the Bianconeri (29-7), the result of scoring Gimbal, Sampieri, Trivolone, Aluro and Staviri.

Orsi di Pistoia has proven to be a very correct formation, with excellent fundamentals and has been penalized with errors that are entirely correctable in a game more than a month into the tournament, given that the team plays with black and white. Jersey has fielded several players who form the backbone of the formation in the second division.

Many positive comments from the hosts including the debut for Juventus of new member Mirco Aluro, coming from rugby Benevento, who showed all his talent in the black and white No. 10 shirt. Another thing that this first friendly match showed was the calm atmosphere among the players who, thanks to the great availability of the technicians. The two clubs and a year of joint training, they took to the field with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to do so. we will. At the end of the game, the technicians of the two companies stayed on the field for a long time to be able to evaluate the profiles of each player, without hiding some satisfaction with the work done so far.

On the way to the start of the tournament, scheduled for the second division on October 9 and possibly for the third division on October 16, the next matches will be against Perugia rugby and Florence rugby 1931, two very difficult tests that will allow the technicians of the team to do so. Test the two oldest formations of the province.

Enthusiasm for this new adventure, based on the collaboration at Seniores level between CUS Siena and Valdelsa Rugby, is attracting many of the former members of the two clubs and the training numbers are getting more and more exciting week by week.
At the end of the match, the prolific third half, one of the most prominent hosts of Valdelsa rugby, was very friendly and amicable with the boys of the three clubs satisfied with what they put on the field.