Davis Cup, Italy in the finals, 2-1 against Argentina: Brittney and Sinner win

Mathieu and Janek don’t cheat: Argentina were defeated and the Azzurri qualified for the final stage in November even before facing Sweden. Binary Fognini / Bolelli to Gonzalez / Zebalos

Written by our reporter Federica Kochi

Yannick Sener comes back and lifts and scares and then closes 2-0 Which gave Italy a ticket to the finals of Malaga, beating Serondolo 2-0. In the first set of the match against Cerundolo, Jannik started slightly under contract. The stadium is very slow compared to New York and, as Berrettini also said after his first game in the blue, it takes some getting used to. The Argentine does his best at it because he runs and plays and lets people play, and Sinner must raise the bar to get to his game-breaking point 11 to go 6-5 and close out 7-5. However, in the second set, it will be exhaustion, it will be an ankle that still has some bruising, the light goes out at Sinner’s house, he loses the bar twice, and the 6-0 scare is on the verge of “breading”. With a 6000 boost from the Unipol Arena, which was also called into question by the player who learned to surf in a flurry of enthusiasm, Jannik closes 6-1 and returns for the decisive set a bit more on the ball. In the sixth inning, he got a break, went up 4-2, but the serve does not help, and when it is time to serve for the match 5-3, he cancels 5 points from the match, then gives a chance to return to Cerundolo. Brittany off the bench screams like crazy, holds a teammate who saves himself from the counter-break and gets a sixth game point. This time he concludes with his first 7-5 1-6 6-3 match which gives the victory to him and Italy who are sure to have two successes now in Malaga.

easy caps

at noon It was Matteo Berrettini who won the first blue point In the match against Argentina. The Italian No. 2 occupied the field first against Sebastian Baez, closing the practice very quickly with a 6-2 6-3 score without awarding any break points. Mateo, in the first match against the Argentine, advanced in the second, confirming the primacy and ascending to 3-0 and controlling Baez without problems. In the eighth game, thanks to a double fault from the Argentine, Mathieu finished the set 6-2. Al-Mukmal also has the second set, with a decisive break in the sixth game to finish 6-3. “I had to set a high tempo – said the Roman after the match – or I could have made my life complicated because Baez knows how to do so many things. Today I felt much more comfortable than Wednesday. After all, we all came from New York where conditions were very different.” This cycle is a little slower, which isn’t ideal for me, but it also allows me to use the cycles a bit more.”

double defeat

Instead he lost the double, as Fabio Fognini and Simone Bolelli surrendered in the third set to Argentine pair Gonzalez/Zeballos. The Azzurri lose the first set 7-5, and return and return the second result 6-2, but lose 6-3 to the third set.