“Everything happens because of me. But I’m sorry for my style at first.”

Lex Campionesa Belga Kim Clijsters, talent at Eurosport – Laver Cup 2022 Official Announcer: Here’s the schedule – He gave an interview in which he expressed some heartfelt thoughts about Roger Federer’s retirement. We give you his full statement: Kim’s considerations are deep and very interesting.

I have mixed feelings. The news of Federer’s retirement was sad, but the way he chose to do it was beautiful. Like in a movie, I thought about the day I first met Roger: As a kid, I was fourteen and he was sixteen and it was really cool to see him play. Then when I met his wife Mirka and brought her back, from the paddock to the mother of a family, I would train with her a lot, and watched them grow up together and As a woman, former tennis player, mother and wife, there is an expression that reads: “You’re carrying the ship”“You’re driving the ship”. I think back to all those games she did as a spectator, because They all wanted to see Roger. Because his evolution was really amazing and today he’s retired as an icon.

I remember when Pete Sampras played his last Wimbledon. I was sitting there while everyone was saying: “No one here will be able to do a better job than Pete, and no one will even come close to this level of play.” … Instead, Federer had already beaten him at Wimbledon and today, twenty years later, he is a legend: This amazing tennis player, very elegant on and off the court, very polite and fun. It’s sad to see him retire, but at the same time I feel very lucky to have been able to see him play, and watch his finals against Nadal, among the greatest moments in tennis history.

Tennis players like Agassi, Sampras or Steffi Graf were out of reach. I seldom saw them on a tour: they came in and left the fields, trained, played their games, and then went back to the hotel. With Roger, on the other hand, there was a kind of familiarity because he liked to be among the other guys “on a human scale”, Chat, laugh and joke. It’s not just me, I think many guys have that connection. He grew up learning our way of lifeis very far from the concept of ‘normality’, yet it has always been very ‘connected’ and normal.
Tennis wouldn’t be the same without Roger He was a much more repeatable player. I always zoomed in on the screen looking for a drop of sweat on her face and rarely saw her. In Andy Roddick’s time, I remember his hat falling off and Roger standing there drinking champagne. The elegance of his style and the way he dresses… I don’t think we’ll ever have anyone like him again. There are tennis players like Grigor Dimitrov who “play like him” and you can see that they have modeled their game the unattainable Roger way: Federer’s backhand and so on. There are many men who were inspired by him and none of them had such influence beforeAnd the Because his game was uniquely perfect. For me, well, at most I tried to copy the background slide to it (laughs, editor).

There is no right or wrong way to withdraw, but his message came true, clear, frank, and honest. There was a rumor among our former tennis players that he wanted to retire from the US Open, but he didn’t do so out of unconditional respect for Serena Williams., because that’s how it is. I think the Laver Cup is still a very convenient way for him to say goodbye, with his great rivals Novak and Rafa, because the fact that they can be reunited again is really unbelievable. for me roger It represents a tennis ball full of elegance, technology and stylewith his behavior on the field and the ability to dominate for many years.

To me, Roger is the ‘goat’, but Nadal is too, after all You don’t need a single goat, do you? In fact, I don’t really like it when my kids argue at home about who’s stronger between Michael Jordan or LeBron James and I always tell them: “Can you stop it?”. There are no comparisons, times change, the world changes. So I don’t want to choose between them.

Federer decided to retire because he could no longer compete at the highest level: we’ve all seen the physical strength with which the boys played at the US Open. The amount of work it takes to work at the top is beyond talent. It takes morals to be the best and to stay there for a long time, week after week, knowing that every time you get on the pitch, every opponent wants to beat you, because everyone wanted to beat Roger Federer on his resume.

There is a moment that was by far the most human and painful experience, but it was beautiful at the same time, and it was When Switzerland played the Davis Cup in Australia after the death of its coach Peter Carter. I was Leighton (Hewitt)’s girlfriend at the time, and the “tennis family” was reunited in such a harrowing situation, in the presence of Roger, Peter Carter’s family, and the Australian Davis. Before entering the stadium and facing each other as opponents, I saw them share this very supportive, sad and intimate experience, and this was probably my most powerful memoryIn addition to all the great things he did on the tennis court and the beautiful matches he played, because Carter meant a lot to him and not just sports.

and then When he cried at the end of the tournamenthaving won his last Grand Slam or his last title in Basel, One of my favorite Roger Federer moments. It’s the part I will pass on to my children. In fact, my daughter told me this morning: “Mom, did you know that Federer is retiring?”. Here, my daughter doesn’t follow tennis much, she’s not up to date with the latest news or anything like that, but if you talk about it without seeing him hit the ball, Because Roger goes far beyond tennis. I hope that they will draw from him the humility of helping others and a sense of gratitude. I’m going to get the tissue box ready, because it’s going to be very exciting and at the same time I can’t wait to see him play for the last time.