Fiorini Rugby Pesaro presents the 2022/2023 season

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It’s back to being serious. After three seasons marked by covid, the Serie A Rugby Championship finally resumes at full capacity and Fiorini Rugby Pesaro is not caught unprepared.

After a tournament halted due to Covid (2019/2020), one missed due to the ongoing pandemic (2020/2021) and another without relegation (2021/2022), the first full tournament in the series is actually at Gates A. After the promotion obtained in the 2018/2019 season.

It starts on October 2 in Rome at the Pol. SS Lazio Rugby 1927, who relegated first class. First home match on October 9, against Primavera Rugby Lion.

To convey the greetings of the FIR Marche Regional Committee, President Vittorio Petretti said: “I am pleased to extend the best wishes of the Federation for this tournament. From Pesaro by adoption, I am very attached to Pesaro Rugby and there are still some players I’ve trained in the youth teams among the players. In our area, we have about 2,000 members in 16 clubs, among them Pesaro Rugby is the longest-running and only in Serie A. Next season is going to be tough because we come from certain years, but for that very reason more than that. beautiful. I wish everyone a lot of fun, and always give passion, respect and support.”

“Every start to the season has something exciting and exciting. – Adds Sports Adviser, Milla Della Dora, who carries the management’s compliments – Pesaro rugby is a privilege not only on our territory but for the entire region.”

To the President of the Giallorossi Simone Mattioli the task of clarifying the wishes of the company. “The goal this season is clear, to reach better and better positions in the rankings. This is possible by always planning, working, participating, and doing something more. Better performance than last year means putting yourself at the top of the rankings. We know it won’t be easy but it will be difficult. We won’t have to leave anything out until we can confirm our colors.”

Improvements not just related to classification: “The club will continue to work to improve conditions further and to ensure that those who represent our colors on the field can do so in the best way possible. – Mattioli Ongoing – Also this year, we, as the main sponsor, will be supported by Fiorini Packaging of Senigallia. We are working to gain more and more loyalty from our audience, and in cooperation with the municipality, to make the facility more efficient and welcoming. Public attendance is strongly affected by weather conditions. With the roofing of the stands, which has already been allocated in the budget by the municipal administration and should start soon, we hope to attract more and more people from Pesaro to the sport.”

Very small team, 37 team members, including 5 boys from 2003 who just arrived from youth academies, 25 from Pesaro, and 3 pairs of brothers. “What is about to leave is Year 0, – Analysis of Technical Director, Nick Scott – After some difficult seasons we are back in a real championship and we should be proud of Pisaro Rugby. The presence of some young people in the list of young people belonging to the youth teams, who will bring energy and freshness to the team, is a very important indication of the work of the company. However, we don’t only have guys. In the team there are some experienced players who will help the new generation to grow. On the field we will play many players from Pesaro, along with rugby players who come from all over Italy, but also from abroad, 5 Argentines and South Africans. It will be a difficult season, we will have many long matches, and it will be necessary to create a strong and united group.”

A tournament of 11 teams, 4 of them from Lazio, and long trips, which coach Augusto Allori framed as follows: «It will be a tournament to discover, there are many new teams compared to last season. We’ll have to think about us, what we can do. We do a good job, I found a good set, the bulbs fit well. We’ll arrive ready early in the season, but always with the goal of improving along the way. There are definitely tough away matches, and we have to prepare them meticulously and always play our best game. In the matches at home, we will have to do our best, and make Totti Patrignani a fortress.”