Football. It’s Italy for Export: Bouldri Returns, Garbessi Center, Baresi Eterno

25 Italian players participate in the English and French championships. The third streak returns with Gloucester after an injury that halted him for nearly two years, the opening champion for 14th with Montpellier at 12. Sergio at 39 plays as a key player at Toulon.

The league of Italian rugby players in foreign professional leagues hasn’t been too many for years. There are 25 between England and France, in leadership roles or invited to earn the limelight.

Boldry’s return

The English championship will start next weekend, with the participation of several Italians in the recent friendlies. The best news for the national team comes from third grader Jake Baldry, who is back on the field two years after a serious injury, in his second Gloucester Challenge against Harbury. He also played Stephen Varney. He said on BBC Radio: “If there had been no nerve damage, I could have dealt with the injury in a year – he told BBC Radio – now the knee is very good, I am happy to play again, I want to be a stronger player than before.” “.

Grpsey Center

Over the weekend, France’s top 14 started with a surprise. Defending champion Montpellier sent first place to Paolo Garbesi and did not open for 80 minutes, entrusted to Louis Carbonell. He lost 26-22 to the European champions in Rochelle, where Tommaso Boldrini, formerly Prato and Rovigo, was athletic coach. Coach Gallett re-proposed the two opening tickets of last season, when it was South Africa’s Handre Pollard who slipped off the position and Garbese playing No. 10. Will it be a new development for the Blues’ career? Also in Montpellier is Giovanni Santi, dedicated to the Espoirs, as in Clermont, who goes back to Carlo Mey. Sergio Paris played 73 minutes in Toulon, winning 40-25 over Bayonne, and Pietro Cicarelli took charge in the 48th minute in the Privé match that Lyon defeated 31-27. She didn’t use Ange Capuozzo in Toulouse, in the big jump season of Pro D2, and Federico Mori in Bordeaux. In Pro D2, Marco Fuser moved to Massey’s second streak, last season at Newcastle in the Premier League. The first two days were two defeats and the starter was: 51′ at 33-5 with Oyonnax, 54′ at 40-24 with Rowan. In the Colomiers Ugo Jouri played from the 64th minute on the first day, winning 22-6 against Carcassonne. In the second, the center Michele Campagnaro made his debut, another attempt to return to high levels after serious injuries. He entered in the 54th minute in the 22-15 defeat in Rouen. The third streak Edoardo Iachizzi did not appear for the first time in Vannes. In the Nationale, the third professional tier, David Oudet hits the 80′ pitch with Nice in a 17-9 defeat at Narbonne. Charlie Trussardi is not used by Albee.

Prime minister

And in Exeter’s second team, which the Cornish Pirates defeated 42-14, Ross Vinnett, the third line and Italy under-20 star, who won 7 out of 10 matches last season, played 80 minutes. At Harlequins he was defeated 26-21 by Leinster three turnovers by Thomas Allan. Into The Wasps That Defeated the Dragon, Two Transformations by Matteo Menozzi. In the London Irish who conquered the Monster Stadium 19-14 inside the edifice Danilo Fichetti and the center Luca Morisi, the latter put his hand in two of the three goals. Jiusui Zelucci did not play. Also in the Premier League are Matteo Riccione (Saracenes), Callum Brale (Northampton), Renato Giammarioli and Haimi Viva who have Worcester’s financial problems. Among the 12 teams in the Premier League, 8 are Italian players.