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Treviso – The second and last pre-season friendly for the Benetton rugby team. In Monego, in the first home game of the 2022/2023 antique edition, Edinburgh arrives. This is the start of the tournament, as the Lions and Scots belong to the same Italian-Scottish “shield” in the United Rugby Championship.

Before the obedient minute’s silence begins on the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II. Both teams will wear black armbands during the match.

Friendly Chronicle

Ready, go and in the first few minutes both teams adopt footwork to gain ground. Edinburgh is one step away from goal with Villacott, but the Oval are missing out on it at the moment. The Lions try to counterattack, but it is the Scots who flock to the attack. Greens and Whites commit some bad behavior and Edinburgh continues five meters apart twice. After the second drive, mark the Scots with the Dean running. Van der Walt is inaccurate from the playing field. Instant change of forehead and instant response to lions. From the surplus command raid Gianmarco Lucchesi Taking out an oval with his hand, he jumps on two opponents and crushes the oval on the ground. Marin doesn’t hit the poles and in the middle of the first half we’re at 5-5. Duvenage and co. They are still sloppy and the Scots are back in Treviso five metres. Ruzza makes the attack fall apart erratically and referee Piardi warns him that he is guilty of another foul for Whites and Greens. In 14 vs 15, Edinburgh took advantage of that and headed into goal with Moncaster. Van der Walt turns. Then the outnumbered lions resist and fall again. Edinburgh commits a bustle crime. From a central position, Marin is not accurate from the field and stays at 5-12. Meanwhile, Ruzza and the difference are back in scalar parity. The wind turned towards the home team. In fact there is another great motive for lions, Gianmarco Lucchesi He slips into the host’s defense and fixes the double personality. Marin doesn’t hit the poles, so the first half ends 10-12 for Edinburgh.

During the break, Benetton’s youth sector is introduced to rugby and the Red Panthers.

Recovery begins and Benetton Rugby tries to give life and rhythm the attack. Meanwhile, there was a whole vortex of changes in the fifteen straight in the field. This time the guests are the rioters. Ritchie was booked to play Serious Contact. Black is one step away from the goal, but Young commits another foul a few meters from the goal line and is penalized with yellow. At 13 versus 15, green and white are not wrong. A series of free passes from the melee at a distance of five meters Eduardo PadovaniSkilled in scoring. Da Re freshly entered on time and there the lions passed, ahead of 17-12.

Portolami’s forces still make good use of the double numerical advantage. Newcomer Mindy opens up on Onesi Rataf That all this is divided into two halves, and stamps its first appearance in green and white. As a king now does not hit the poles. Back at 15 for 15 with Benetton Rugby over 22-12. But Edinburgh is not giving up and is re-emerging in the 22nd Treviso area. Benetton commits a lot of fouls and warns Pasquale against frequent offside. With the extra guy the Scots go to mark the flag with Blain. Savala transformation. Edinburgh rides the positive wave and the extra man, three points behind the Lions. The Scots are decisive and Haining goes for the goal of overtaking. Savala spins off the field and Edinburgh leads 22-26. Returns digital parity. A few minutes after the end comes Benetton’s decisive final rugby raid. Edinburgh foul in the middle of the road. Black touches within five meters of the opponent. From the exhausting driving of lions, Edinburgh is forced to commit yet another misconduct, punishable by Referee Piardi commissioned by Technical Metadata In Benetton Rugby. Then the friendly match ends with the victory of the Lions in favor of 29-26. Monego applauds his favourite, as he prepares to make his Urc debut next Friday at home against Glasgow.

Benton Rugby – Edinburgh Rugby 29-26

Tags: 12′ half Dean, 15′ half Lucchesi, 28′ half Muncaster tr. van der Walt, 39′ half Lucchesi; 50′ Half Padovani tr. Da Re, 55′ half rataf, 65′ half blaine tr. Savala, 74′ target haining tr. Savala 79′ Benetton rugby technical goal.

NBTransitions: Benetton Rugby 1/4 (Marin 0/2, Da Re 1/2), Edinburgh 3/4 (van der Walt 1/2, Savala 2/2). Free kicks: Benetton rugby 0/1 (Marin 0/1). Yellow cards: 26′ Ruzza (BEN), 45′ Ritchie (EDI), 48′ Young (EDI), 63′ Pasquali (BEN).

Benetton rugby: 15 Rhyno Smith, 14 Edoardo Padovani, 13 Ignacio Brex, 12 Marco Zanon, 11 Ratuva Tavuyara, 10 Leonardo Marin, 9 Dewaldt Duvenage (C), 8 Lorenzo Cannone, 7 Giovanni Pettinelli, 6 Manuel Zuliani, 5 Federico Ruzza, 4 Niccolò Cannononi, 3 Simon Ferrari, 2 Gianmarco Lucchesi, 1 Evan Nemer.

Enter16 Giacomo Nicotera, 17 Sherif Traore, 18 Tiziano Pasquale, 19 Marco Lazzaroni, 20 Scott Scrafton, 21 Alessandro Garbesi, 22 Mattia Bellini, 23 Ignacio Mendi, Manfredi Albanese, Alessandro Izecor, Braam Stein, Michele Lamaro, Giacomo da Re Drago, Joaquin Riera, Onesey Rataf. Coach: Marco Portolami.

Edinburgh rugby: 15 Henry Immelman, 14 Jack Blain, 13 Matt Currie, 12 Chris Dean, 11 Damien Hoyland, 10 Jaco van der Walt, 9 Ben Vellacott, 8 Ben Muncaster, 7 Luke Crosbie, 6 Jamie Ritchie (C), 5 Glen Young, 4 Marshall Sykes, 3 Angus Williams, 2 Dave Cherry, 1 Nick Outerack.

Enter5 Sam Skinner, 6 Bill Mata, 7 Conor Boyle, 8 Nick Heining, 9 Charlie Shell, 11 Jake Henry, 13 Cammy Scott, 16 Adam McBurney, 17 Boan Venter, 17 Jimmy Jack, 18 Le Roy Atalivo, 19 Pierce Phillips , 20 Jimmy Hodgson, 21 Henry Bergos, 22 Charlie Savala, 23 Cammy Hutchison, Patrick Harrison, Dan Gamble, Harry Patterson. Coach: Mike Blair.