“I’m devastated. It’s heartbreaking for me and everyone who wants me to win.”

Rudd first reached the US Open semi-finals (second Grand Slam level of his career) Beating Brittany in three sets. Below is the post-match press conference

“The first two sets were a lot better than I expected. Everything went in my favour, and Matteo couldn’t produce the level he normally would. However, I think with the roof closed, conditions were in my favour, the pitch looked a little slower, and I felt like I had more Time to hit the ball, which is a small advantage for me.”

In the third set I was lucky enough, I saved some group points and managed to win in the second half. Now two days of rest before the semi-finals.”

You wanted to perform better in the Grand Slam tournaments, and you succeeded in your goal. Was there anything you realized during this optimization process that allowed you to bring out your best self?

“The start of the year was unlucky, I injured my ankle in Australia and was unable to participate. I spent 40 hours on the plane back and forth.”

Click something in Paris. I found a way to manage the top five games, which are quite different from the top three games. Sometimes you can increase your energy by dropping one set and saving it for the next. “

Matteo Berrettini Conference

Are you surprised by what you know about yourself on the tennis court? How can you transform into a different player than you expect?

I am amazed that I reached the semi-finals today, and I think Miami showed me that I can beat very strong players and reach the bottom of the big tournaments. It was a huge confidence boost. “”In Norway we play six months a year on clay and six months on indoor hardcourt, so that doesn’t mean I don’t like playing hard, just in the early part of my career I focused a lot on feeling comfortable on clay. .“”In this tournament, two players known for being particularly “Tirauli”, Rafa and Tim, were able to win. Rafa has won up to four times. When I look at the ‘Wall of Champions’ in the locker room, I see that in the past 18-19 years there have been many more different winners than other Grand Slam tournaments. I don’t know why, there must be something special about this place. Maybe New York, the city of dreams.

How do you manage the player/coach relationship with your father?

My father was very young when I was born, he was 26 years old. At first I played many different sports, especially ball sport. He had so much fun taking me to play and playing with me too. From an early age I had a very competitive mindset, I always wanted to be the best. “”Since I told him I wanted to be a pro player, he has helped me so much, and pushed me in the right direction, that I feel like I’ve been a pro for 12-13 years.

How long did it take during the tournament to get your dad’s advice during the matches? Have you ever told him to leave you alone?

No, it hasn’t happened to me yet. Sometimes we disagree, but the rule of thumb isn’t entirely clear. For example, it happened to me in Montreal during the semi-finals Hubert [Hurkacz] I went to the bathroom, so I had some time and then I went to ask my father something, and the referee told me that the rule does not allow you to have a real conversation, but only a few words or gestures here and there. It’s a new rule, but it’s definitely useful. However, we only have 25 seconds between the dots and there isn’t much time to communicate.

Your father said that for about two and a half years, between the ages of 16 and 18, you worked with another coach, and then you asked him to come back to be your coach. What led you to this decision?

Even during that period when I had help from another coach, he was still the head coach, did all the programs, was in contact with the other coach almost every day and even attended some tournaments. Then I had to stop working with Pedro, the other coach, when I was about 19, and after weighing the different options, I felt more comfortable with him, because you know Daddy would take great care of you anyway. your family. “So we decided he would travel with me and when I needed to develop my game and train with non-Norwegian players I would go to Mallorca, to Rafa Academy, where I still go from time to time.

If you’re going to play Nick Kyrgios in the semi-finals, we obviously have to talk about the chair-tossing incident and the comments posted on social media. What is your relationship with Nick and how do you rate him as a player and as a man?

He has made a lot of progress in tennis. He beat strong players when he was 18-19 years old, but now he has shown that he can win many matches in a row. Now he seems very dedicated to tennis and is very close to the top ten. ““I think his game is on par with his standings. It’s a shame he didn’t score points in the Wimbledon final, because he’d be in the top 15, near the top ten, but we all know it’s dangerous.“”From a personal point of view, we don’t have a real relationship, we didn’t even say goodbye once, but now things are better, and during the Laver Cup he came to congratulate me on my victory. I think what happened is all the water under the bridge. He’s a very interesting player, you never know what could come out of his racket or his mouth, but he eventually came to me and congratulated him, so that’s okay.”