Ivashka fights five sets, but Sinner wins. Two Italians in the quarter-finals

[11] c. Sener b. Ola Ivashka 6-1 5-7 6-2 4-6 6-3

“Winning is winning is winning” The players always say. “Victory is always victoryAnd that for Jannick Sener was definitely this: a win, as bad as you want it, but that’s important to get to the quarter-finals. After three quarters of an hour of play It looked like it could be a pre-set outing and a break, with Ivashka did not keep the line; Then, however, thanks Worst service night in a long time (14 double faults, 46% of the first and 49% of points per second)Sinner lost two sets that looked like he could win and had to put in all his nervous energy and all the tennis he could pull together on the day to get the best out of his A strong and prepared opponent, but at the end of the fifth set, perhaps due to a lack of physical energy, he melted like snow in the sun at the most important moment.

match – Completely anomalous start to the game, with the commitment of the sinner Four double faults in the first two rounds of service and Ivashka who put together a pair to help get three breaks in her first four matches. The Italian is the one who has the ball in his hand thanks to his great ability to push from below. In exchanges the sinner is always the one who commands especially when he can attack the second on a missionThe opponent who at the end of the first set can collect only one point out of 12 on the occasions that you did not enter the first set.

32 minutes is enough to put the first group on the farm for 6-1, with Ivashka almost doubled in terms of points (29 to 16). Sinner keeps his foot on the accelerator even in the second set, and takes the break in the opening game, but four more double faults in the first round of the set halted his run and Ivashka tied 1-1. But Sinner doesn’t give up, and by winning a 16-point match he takes the lead by taking advantage of the fourth available break point.

Interchanges continue to develop on very powerful long dodges from below, and cut or containment shots are rare. Sinner begins to lose pitch and lose accuracy with his shots, and starts making some more unexplained mistakes than usual. At 4-3 it is he who gives Ivashka the opportunity to return to the set, concede the counter-break with a last double fault (the ninth of his match) and restore balance.

Gaining courage and getting into the trading mechanism, Ivashka began to be more at ease in the basic quirks, He concluded the game with a break obtained at 6-5 and closed it with a backhand on the line after an hour and 11 minutes.

Sinner was not demoralized by the lost set when everything seemed under control, and an excellent start he resumes commanding the match, not without a little Ivashka cooperated who came back first with two points at 1-1 0-40 but then, at the third break point, concedes the serve with a double foul.. Sinner feels more comfortable in the first two sets on the comeback, and the transmission also appears to be less shaky than it was at the start. The Italian wastes three double-break opportunities at 3-1, a circumstance he reacts to in a very disturbing fashion, but the second break comes after two games, as Ivashka finds it increasingly difficult to keep his serve.

Sinner closes out the third set 6-2 at 42 minutes, and the Belarusian calls a physiotherapist during the break between sets to massage his left thigh. The start of the fourth set is very deceptive and unsurprising: they both make a lot of mistakes, Sinner’s double flaws resurface, Ivashka holds two rounds of serving to zero and then receives a free break from Sinner (3-1) who, however, fails to unify (3-2). In 3-3 South Tyrol fails to capitalize 0-40 This sends him into a frenzy, even if at his last breaking point he suffers from a winning streak that cannot be completely stopped. The match continues to be very bad, full of mistakes, and at the end of the set it is Ivashka who finds the right idea: Sinner makes four mistakes while serving at 4-5 and suddenly, after 3 hours 13 games, we find ourselves playing the fifth set.

Sinner starts well in the fifth set, snatching the serve straight from the opponent, but drops it right after that. Ivashka feels it is the opportunity of a lifetime and requires courage. At the age of 30-40, he puts on three serves and volleys that allow him to keep his serve and move forward. Sinner delivers worse and worse, Ivashka responds better and better, and the break comes in 3-1. However, the Italian is not yet ready to raise the white flag: he clings to shots from the baseline and gets a break point, which he converts with a stunning recovery on a short ball. The first service was held at zero in a geological age marks 3-3. In the blink of an eye, the game almost turns: now it is Ivashka who misses even the simplest shots, Sinner gets the all-important 4-3 break, holds another serve at zero and starts the next game with a back striker firing Louis Armstrong. It’s a mercy turnover on a match that ends with a 16-to-2 portion in Sinner’s favour.

Nearly four hours of tennis sure isn’t pretty, but it deserves a quarter-final for Jannik Sinner, who reached for the third time this year in the final quarter-finals of the Major, joining the ranks of tennis players who have reached at least the quarter-finals of all Slam tournaments. .