Khachanov’s regularity kills the genius of Kyrgios

[27] Khachanov b. [23] n. Kyrgios 7-5 4-6 7-5 6-7 (3) 6-4

Another run, another marathon. And to say that the start of the match seemed to suggest anything else. After only 35 minutes, in fact, Karen Khachanov got the first set, good at Convert only breakpoint available. However, from that moment on, the meeting was gradually extended, also thanks toEntering the game Kyrgios Even in response rounds. The Australian was capable of it Touch very high tennis tops (See fourth set tiebreaker), and his arrival but discharged in the fifth set, when the break initially cost him the match. For Khachanov it is The most important victory of his careerConsidering that this success is worth it The first absolute semi-final in a Grand Slam. Thanks to this success, the Russians have actually risen to No. 18 ATPBypassing Kyrgios.

match – As expected, the match immediately develops very quickly, with The first six matches in just 15 minutes. exchanges So short And it gives no player little chance to strike back at the opponent, keeping both Very high rates of service. On the very rare occasions that one of them succeeds Start the exchange Russian seems to be the most comfortable, especially in left diagonal. From the start of the match the Australian seems to be showing a bit Discomfort in the left kneebut despite repeated complaints on their own part, it doesn’t seem to be the case Nothing serious. At 5-5 Khachanov also allows himself a luxury Perfect game, Lay four squares in a row. In the twelfth match, Kyrgios got a chance to go to the tiebreak, but when everything seemed to be ready for this scenario,australia collapses. At first he misses a comfortable forehand, then makes a kick bloody double foul: The The ball in the first half of the match It is equivalent to a specific point. Issue 23 of the classifiers dares to make a somewhat impromptu volleyball, and Khachanov is good at it Don’t miss a golden opportunityovertake it with a winning backhand and closing 7-5 in 35 minutes (!).

The stats from the first set are impressive. 18 aces in all – 9 each – plus 9 is also Total points earned in response By players up to 6-5. Point ratios with the first slope won slightly in favor of Khachanov (89% -83%), who In twelve matches he committed misery from two non-forced errors. Between the first and second group, Kyrgios calls a medical lead time To massage the above left knee, all while the spectator’s hair is clipped live. Australian shows discharge more than usualHowever, he is the first to get a break point. He succeeded by finding an unusual one first Defensive back passthen always with this shot flip the inertia of the next point, closed with straightforward just as complicated. Unchanged, seed number 23 goes to 2-1 40-0, and back to 40 also due to enough tweener who ended up on the net, but still managed to stretch 3-1. from this moment, Both players pick up where they left off at the end of the first setHe gave up little or nothing in their respective bouts. Kyrgios goes to serve the group at 5-4 and gets two points in a row with one Simply magical with a half ball backhand. With a winning backhand, on the third attempt, the 27-year-old from Canberra closes in 6-4 The second part.

Likely to be the start of the third set heavy For Khachanov, I was immediately forced to face two break points (the convincing backhand that Kyrgios builds a second chance with is great). However, in both cases, the Russians managed to thwart them usingService HelpHe climbed 1-0 thanks to the ace 13 in his game. The plot of the match is always the same: in the next seven matches, none of the players managed to answer tear off more than one pointwith Australian recruitment only 47 seconds To win the eighth game. He, at 4-4, is the one who manages to spoil the cards: two great winners and a clever diversification of the forehand give him Two consecutive chances to break. Khachanov finds an ace in the first, but the Australian has great responsibilities in the second, Shooting along the forehead and throwing the racket. The Russian managed to save himself, went up 5-4 and practically group on hand: It is up to Kyrgios to face a more dangerous 15 to 40. The Wimbledon finalist appears to be completely out of the game, playing less than perfectionists but the Russian, arriving well on the ball, splint directly on the net. The 25th ATP discards the gift, takes out three winning serves and impacts 5-5, but in the next round of serve, same scene. This time, the 26-year-old from Moscow takes advantage of his opponent’s empty pass and finally takes his chances, returning one set: 7-5.

Despite the great support from the public, Kyrgios goes on a rampage He cannot control himself. Between the third and fourth sets, the Australian (late) receives warning to own He threw the bottle in his hand to the ground, upside down in the field. The first four games are lightning fast, with One point earned by responding. Unexpectedly in the fifth game this balance was broken: Khachanov Gives his opponent a break, and committing two forehand free kicks punctuated by a double foul. The Australian has one Great opportunity to stretch, but he tried to serve two serves and two volleys that are difficult to explain logically, and thus commits a double fault at 15-40, bringing the Russian back to the match at 3-3. She is 27 years old from Canberra new opportunity Soon, she was able to build a break point that would send him to her Serve in the group. However, Khachanov finds an excellent first and goes 5-4 first, then 6-5. Contrary to the above, Kyrgios managed it Do not be deceived by the tension of the momentgiving babbling Arthur Ashe a very much expected break the tie. He is the one who finds the first small break, extends to 3-0 at the end of the first half Breathtaking exchange conclude with devastating backhand. Thanks to this base, the Australian Open doubles champion finds a new little break, and flies to 6-1 AS. Khachanov is trying to shorten, but the groove is now drawn: 7-6 (3) Kyrgios and the fifth set in black.

For the first time during the match, number 25 can be ranked first serve, but it spoils this incredibly small feature. Aussie almost looks like like you so muchtries some overly repetitive solutions and gets punished Tangible from Russian, who controls the ball at break in one of the longest rallies of the match and forces his opponent to commit a foul. Khachanov sees him recover 15-30 years and saves a stop Two Ace of Providence To extend at the start of the fifth set: 2-0. The fourth match will be Important: they both play high level And Kyrgios gets another break, which It cancels itself Mistakes in the rear damping: The 26-year-old is from Moscow, for sure Fresher from a sporting point of view, Thanks and goes to 3-1. It no longer affects his serve as it was at the beginning of the game, the exchanges are getting longer but Khachanov still manages to. Earn several pointsA position that could only give him more confidence. The Medvedev’s executioner try to Hang on to the match By any means possible, eliminate two double-break opportunities at 2-4 which, in all likelihood, would have closed the accounts. The final result, however, is only postponed: 5-4 Khachanov serves for him The first Grand Slam semi-final It closes at the first point of the game 7-5 4-6 7-5 6-7 (3) 6-4 With another win first.

A very strong performance from the performance of the Russian who comes out 30 ace (One less than his opponent), he won the 77% of the points with the first. However, what is crucial is the limited number of free bugs – hardly 31 against the 58 From Kyrgios – who stopped at Daniil Medvedev after his ouster Quarter-finalsArthur Ashe storming. In the penultimate act Karen Khachanov arrives Casper RoadAnd the That overshadowed Matteo Berrettini today He sees more and more of his tangible potential He became the new No. 1 in the world after the US Open.