King Charles and Camilla, a big problem emerges: everything is in danger

Carlo III He will be crowned in the near future according to tradition, but there seems to be a problem with a very necessary presence … What is it about? And why could it cause problems?

Looks like the new king of England and his consort have “cute cat peeling” Not…

Carlo and Camila, a “new cat flakes” for them…

Coronation of Charles III You can be at risk because of not having a loan cookie stone Except for Scotland. The news is really shocking and most of them don’t understand why it could be true. But what is this? gem ‘more sacred than Scotland It is also called stone of fate a coronation stone.

It is – basically – a large block of stone that has a great symbolic meaning, especially forThe old Scottish monarchyguarded very jealously in the solid walls of Edinburgh Castle.

After being used for centuries and centuries during the coronation of the Kings of Scotland, Edward I He decided to capture it in 1296, during the First War of Independence. On the cookie stone And so a new wooden throne was built in Westminster, used from that moment on for all the ceremonies of the new kings, even those we have today.

As some British newspapers rightly report these days, the stone block He then returned to Scotland only recently, ie in 1996, when England decided to return him with the promise of a “loan” for the coronation of its kings. But now it seems that achieving this will not be so easy… and so on Carlo and Camila will be in serious and dangerous difficulty

Many legends relate to the famous stone, which worries the new king

The legend that revolves around cookie stone He tells that around 500 AD the mass was brought to Scotland from Fergus, the first ever king of the proud Scottish people. He would have spent a hundred years advertising it Argyle and onIona Islandwhich is – to be fair – the symbolic center of Scottish Christianity, as well as the burial place of 48 Scottish kings, eight Norwegian kings, and four Irish kings.

Other legends, always fascinating and disturbing, assert that they are – in fact – the so-called Jacob’s stonedescribed in Genesis. According to the Old Testament, this stone was used by Jacob as a kind of pillow when he had the famous vision of a staircase leading to heaven, known – specifically – as Jacob’s ladder.

What if she said Scotland number?

Beyond the classic organizational aspects of a coronationحفل King Charles, Definitely long overdueAnd the which must remain faithful to tradition, such as those – after all – associated with the sumptuous apparel or the rites of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the thorny question is – then – the relative On loan from Stone of Scone Since – we repeat it again – we don’t know if it will happen or not.

Relationships have changed

Also because history teaches us that from 1996 to today, the year of the return of the token block to ScotlandThe political balance has changed profoundly. A practical example in this direction? Just thinking about feeling the suffering and indignation Scottish people after Britain’s exit from the European Union Organizing a possible new referendum for independenceHe always dreamed of it and longed for it.

And so the British newspapers, as well as the British people, fear that there are indeed serious problems with compensation. Problems which the new king must necessarily face at the present time.