Laver Cup, Federer in doubles tomorrow with Nadal

The official schedule for tomorrow in London. The Spaniard: “After what we lived together, it would be great for me”

From our reporter Federica Cocchi

A cheerful table sits at 77 Slms. seventy seven. To write in numbers and words, like checks. Team Europe who presented themselves to the press this morning in London is impressive. Seeing sitting next to Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Björn Borg, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal takes your breath away.

This tennis bone in one room has never been seen before. Lots of history, fights, friendships, and rivalries, all together. And on the same table we also have Matteo Berrettini, who will enter as Federer’s “reserve”.

Magnifico will retire after the double with Nadal, tomorrow evening at around 10 pm Italian time, a historic moment that is getting closer and impressing others. Because even though Federer didn’t play for a year, he was still around, in the Fab4 family form. Now that the Tennis Army has lost its most valuable piece, although not the most successful in terms of Grand Slams, surpassed by Rafa and Noll, the emotion is palpable.


Bjorn Borg with his silver hair is the captain and begins to speak first: “The team is united, they are all ready to play and they are very good.” Laughter breaks out at the table: “Average…” Federer throws it there 24 hours after saying goodbye with one broken knee. Nadal also laughs with his left foot and Murray with his metal hip, room-like things like a doctor’s office. “You don’t know that, but Federer let him play on Saturday and Sunday too!” The Swiss puts his hands in his hair. But not even for a dream! “

Rafa’s passion

Perhaps, the least willing to break up seems to be Rafa, the rival friend: “After all the wonderful things we shared on and off the field, being a part of this historic moment would be an incredible and memorable thing for me. I wish I had the case. To have a good match I hope that together we can put in a good show and maybe win a match. I hope the fans can support a lot and have fun. Being on the field, having Roger by my side will be a very special thing and I am very happy with it.”

Nol and fair play

When it was time for memories, Djokovic was the master of fair play: “Okay, I picked my first Grand Slam final, USA 2007 when I lost” With Federer’s surprise: “How cute” but Noel sank: “Yeah but I’m not done with you yet …”. Knoll, in his second Laver Cup appearance, has never had the experience of being together, all the greats in one event: “It’s probably the first and last time we’ll all be together and it’s a huge privilege. It’s a huge honor to be on this team. Early in my career I lost most matches against Roger and Rafa in Grand Slams, and they helped me become the player I was. I can’t miss this historic appointment.”