Laver Cup, this is why Alcaraz will not participate in Federer’s farewell

The announcement that the current world seed did not participate in the competition, but above all in the farewell to Swiss tennis, aroused many controversy.

Carlos Alcaraz refused to be in the Laver Cup, which kicks off today in London, and thus to be present in farewell to what he always considered an example, an exceptional term for comparison, his idol: Roger Federer. But was that really the case? Controversy erupted on social media, and fans angered the new world number one for having “pissed off” Federer for not participating. Many think, strange, really very strange, given that one of the saddest retirees of the Swiss, with posts on social networks consisting of broken hearts and adoring photos, was Alcaraz himself. How did it go?

the truth

During the sponsor event, the 19-year-old Spaniard revealed why he and his team decided to give up playing alongside Federer. “We thought and talked about it, but for sporting reasons we are not going, because I played many matches this year and I had to rest – said Alcaraz -. He told the media who attended the event, “Playing the Laver Cup, which is a great competition, it would have been great, but we We decided it was better to think about the future.”


Indeed, there were talks between Laver Cup CEO Tony Godsik and Roger Federer’s manager, and the Alcaraz team, in May this year, but they did not pass, despite the captain’s “insistence”. Europe Borg. Here, the fact that talks have taken place before, the announcement of Federer’s retirement (who stated that the final decision was made in July, after Wimbledon), is not in simple detail. far from it. Alcaraz and his crew, when contacted, almost certainly did not know that this version of the Laver Cup would be the event that would mark Federer’s retirement, otherwise things would have been very different in all probability. Among other things, Alcaraz repeatedly announced his regret for not getting a chance to face the Swiss, as well as

Swiss talk

Federer reiterated the concept, adding an important tribute to the young phenomenon and his team: “I’m also sorry that there was no chance to take on the new n. No. 1 in the world. Obviously I looked closely at what he did at the US Open and throughout the year – he’s He was great. I’ve always said there will be new stars in tennis and he’s one of them, but sometimes everyone doesn’t notice what’s going on. It was the same when Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi retired. We asked ourselves ‘Who would replace them?’ He was never the winner in Slams, and right after that, Rafa and Novak won trophies for many years. I have a funny anecdote about Carlos: We trained together at Wimbledon when he was a junior and he trained well – Federer remembers – Juan Carlos Ferrero was very excited there. A lot of times when you train with someone you do it again right after that because you find yourself so good and it’s easy to call each other to come to an agreement. I called them back a couple of days later but for training with Juan Carlos and not with Carlos (smiles).I wanted to I see how he was and I go very slowly in training For an end, I really trained with Ferrero: he didn’t miss a single ball. I am very happy for him in particular and the success he is having as a coach.”