“Lots of a tennis match…”

The gestures Coco Gauff gave after his fourth-round victory at the US Open against China’s Shuai Zhang sparked a lot of discussion. The young American, who left the stage in the quarter-finals at the hands of Frenchwoman Caroline Garcia, silenced the audience like Dikembe Mutombo (NBA legend) and imitated the act of her slaughter. On social media, fans split.

So much for a tennis match

Gauff, futile to beat, was the great American hope in this US Open. Many thought she might be able to grab her first win during Serena Williams’ recent tournament and it represented a real delivery between the two.

However, things did not turn out that way because Garcia of France, perhaps the most qualified tennis player in the ring, knocked her out of the quarter-finals and at night will play for a place in the final with Anas Jabeur.

However, the gestures made by the eighteen-year-old at the end of his fourth-round match with China’s Zhang are still up for debate. In fact, Coco at the end of the last point silenced the audience with her finger in front of her mouth and then imitated the slaughter. Two behaviors that are far from the morals one should have on the tennis court, regardless of the pressure and importance of the game.

Several comments appeared on Twitter about the gestures of Americans.

I guess Coco Gauff can’t be criticized for making the slaughter gesture after canceling three break points. A lot of people had hard times back then. Anyway, he played an excellent game on both sides of the field“.

I don’t care about the finger in front of the mouth, but mimicry of butchering isn’t something that belongs in tennis. Furthermore, congratulations Coco! Good luck in the next match against Garcia“.

It was a pity to see him and all the comments that were there. It reminds me of when Marie Carrillo said in 2018 that Serena never cheated, even though the camera was framing her as she spoke to the coach. Let’s not be fans please“.

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