Messina Rugby Social Inclusion Project

The stage of the press conference in the municipality

It was presented in the Flag Hall of the Town Hall Messina Social inclusion project called “Rugby (really) for all”. After the introduction by the mayor of the city Federico Basile On the importance of playing sports with the municipality of Messina, which sponsored the initiative, a remote intervention was recorded for the technical director of the Italian Rugby Union Danielle Pacini Who exactly deepened the social value of sport, noting that “Besides important competitive aspects, it is a key tool for personal growth and social integration for everyone at all levels. One aspect that must be increasingly dominant in the social life of the club.”

institutional partners

Founding Partners of the Messina Rugby Project Center

then speak Ricardo Solano Who explained the project to the public and who will be the actors in the initiative. Then came the turn of the Chairman of the Sicilian FIR Committee Gianni Saracino which guarantee “The Regional Aviation Information Authority’s support for our company’s ambitious initiative.”

Intervention cycle closed before Francesco GiorgioConnie Messina County delegate who explained how “Having a dense network of sporting activities is important to the social growth of the territory and how fundamental it is also to open businesses to those who cannot access it in the same way as others.”

The “Rugby (Really) for Everyone” project is aimed at minors who will be referred to in Messina Rugby 2016 Asd by the following partners:
Casa Noemi – Daughters of Divine Passion (Unaccompanied Aliens Palace)
Family home Tree of Life Ipab S. Elena (minors in foster care due to family problems)
The Social City of Messina – an effective body of the municipality of Messina for social, educational and social services
(minors with social and economic hardship)
Social Services Court of the Palace Messina (Minor offenders)
Diocese of S. Maria dei Miracoli Sperone
The Islamic Cultural Center of Messina
Asdv Filipino Brothers
Comprehensive Institute nr. 19 Evemero from Messina
La Linea Curva Association (People and Autism)

Messina rugby

Presentation of the “Rugby for All” project

The sports activity will be supported and taught by: Csen – delegation of the Province of Messina, Vir – Italian Rugby Federation – Regional Committee of Sicily, Batania Andrea – Judo technician Csen, IC Falcone Asd – Cricket.
Automotive science trainees/graduates will collaborate in the implementation of sports activities: University of Messina, University of Pegaso remotely.
The following entities will cooperate in the realization of the activities accompanying sports practice: Project of the Sperone Voluntary Association, Legambiente Messina.

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