More than 3,500 people in Domenza

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in two days, After yesterday’s great successAnd the 3,500 bracelets delivered to “Sport Senza Barriere” sponsorsunites event sports e cheerful Under the motto of inclusion, participation and unity, it is hosted by the “Kara” Sports Center in Dominica.

Under the still summer sun, There were more than two thousand people (plus 1500 on Saturdays), between old and young, To try their hand at many sports until yesterday: In addition to the consolidated activities already on Saturday, other various activities and exhibitions have also aroused interest and attracted hundreds of customers, such as Tai ChiThe martial artsThe dog danceThe danza Deceive performance academy And last but not least, theFalcon Gallery Deceive “Falconers with the tower“.

Big smiles, fun and a little competitionbut above all the spirit that allowed the physically able and the disabled to play together and try any sporting activity, and to participate in every proposed discipline in the existing stands, under the banner of the spirit from which the whole event was born.

different also i Championships Which took place in the area prepared by the organizers, from human soccer table The beach volleyballto get up table tennis The Junior Basketball And basketball in a wheelchair. To win a game of beach volleyball against Lou Winx,I’m Boftu Sevfu‘, while ‘Lou Scolobender’ closed the podium; it was won by volleyball. Walter Boldrini, who outpaced the 12-year-old from Porto Valtravalia, Ennia Castiglioni. In third place, however, is 17-year-old Paolo Matsoni.

“Two wonderful days with a lot of enthusiastic people and a great desire to have fun – The founder of “Sport Senza Barriere” and President of Unimpresa Sport, Marco Masaranti . commented -. Sincere thanks to Mayor Nazario Moro and the whole valley, to all our volunteers, who are the cornerstone of the event, and finally thanks to the associations that collaborated with us for the excellent success of this event. Now take a rest, we will summarize and start working on the next version, which will be better and better ».

“We are happy and satisfied with the way this weekend has gone – As founder Silvia Pettino tells – With this extraordinary team of seventy volunteers, not only adults but also many young people, who have worked hard to do everything and more in an unimaginable spirit. The network we were able to build is also amazing, with fifty-four associations not only from the territory but also from different parts of Italy. Great ambiance, it was a party for everyone in the name of inclusion. We will always try to improve and grow our network, trying to get everyone involved.”

“It was a beautiful party that saw an incredible movement of people in the village for three days in a row – Mayor Corrado Nazario Moro also commented -. When they asked me if I was willing to accept this party, I joined without even thinking about it, it seemed natural to give our presence. My council and city council were also excited. We have provided everything we can provide. I feel very satisfied with this initiative, and I hope that we can repeat an experience of this kind because for the country Sports without hurdles It is an out-of-the-ordinary event.”