No Davis Cup. “Bone edema, I can stay outside for a long time”

With the ATP Finals approaching, ‘Sottorete’, the video column edited by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with Ubitennis in which we’ll accompany you step-by-step, including updates on the race to qualify and grain from the past, returns to its scheduled date in Turin from November 13-21.

The first date with “Sottorete” starts from the race mode photo to Turin after the US Open. 2022 a special year – Director Ubaldo Scanagata explains -. After the US Open, the situation for those who will qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin remains highly volatile. There are already four capable players, Alcaraz, Nadal, Rood and Tsitsipas. We have to see what happens to the others, at least 15 other players – even Bautista Agut – can still qualify.”

It will take five minutes e … The great sports champions are the only humans who are allowed to die twice. today is Condolences It is unanimous and universal. Universal because…all over the world might seem like a small thing. All this is a constant spread – everywhere – of praise Funeral The profile amarcord. They are all crying. Not just the heroes of a generation. Even those who “died” from their predecessors. And beyond the narrow confines of the tennis planet, a microcosm.

There is no media or social media that obituary More inspirational than the greatest writers. Also – above all? – One of those who didn’t watch a full match for him… but the news spread that day Roger Federer’s early life is over. The most… eternal. It’s a predictable death date. But it was he who gave it to himself, unlike Santiago Nassar.

The circumstance is sad, very sad. Roger will not receive the funeral homage of the Queen of England. However, King Roger will not be on the tennis courts anymore. In Switzerland it is not used. But there will be a lot of crying for it. Millions. When I say everyone grieves…it’s true.

IThe funeral must be celebrated. Number mourning lists in newspapers, occasional reports on various networks awaiting the inevitable first docu series.

De Profundis cannot fail to deeply sadden even the most die-hard fan Written by Rafa Nadal, Noel Djokovic and Andy Murray, the three of the Fab Four who are still irreducibly related to their early lives. till the last breath. Which, of course, we wish they didn’t arrive before (Roger) 41 years.

His first 40 years – Let’s be honest and without exaggeration … Last year not so much – they were extraordinary. For heroes, records usually speak. This should not be discussed. Even if someone stubbornly does it.

Many friends and not only Radio Sportiva and Radio Bruno, They asked me for the memory of Roger Federer, knowing that I first saw him at the age of 16 and a half. When he won the Easter Junior Championships at CT Florence in 1998 by defeating Filippo Volandri 6-4, 6-4. And the second when Roger debuted in the Davis Cup in Neuchâtel On April 2, 1999 at the age of 17 and 8 months, our Sanguinetti hit. And I was there in Milan When Roger won his first of 103 championships at the age of 19 and a few months old. And if one can still doubt that he will become the phenomenon that he has become – even if today many say “I said it, I got it”… The world is full of talent scouts phenomena in hindsight! – Believe me well if I tell you that on July 2, 2001, not after twenty, I saw him defeat a certain Pete Sampras in his garden at Wimbledon in 5 sets, 3 hours and 40 (190 points for 180… and no less than twenty, low!they were extraordinary, crazy) I couldn’t help writing: “I really think I’ve seen the official change of guard in the UK: this guy has a really extraordinary talent, and I have no doubt I’ll have to write more about him starting in the future which I think is pretty remarkable up close.”.

If anything, I was so surprised It took him a year longer than expected. Almost all of 2002, to prove I’m right. Mubarak youth. He was less mature than Nadal and Djokovic. But did it last longer? we will see.

I was not in Basel when, after learning about the wonderful world of tennis there, he won the 103rd tournament. But I saw him on TV. And I remember I wrote that nIt wouldn’t quite be right if he stopped at 103 when Jimbo Connors won 109. It wasn’t fair because many of those 109 tournaments were fake. Tournaments organized by Jimbo’s manager, Bill Riordan, and Jimbo’s mother, Gloria. Roger won the 103 championships he won in a completely different way. And how much more he would have won if he had “humiliated himself” to play even those of lower standing. He could have done it, but he was just too proud to… bend over. It wouldn’t have been elegant. And come, let us forget the old and boring goat talk, But who is the most elegant tennis player of all timeWho has never seen race as elegant in play as in clothing…whatever its sponsor? Before he was an American sponsor, he was already 16 years old with Nike. Then the Japanese in recent years, Uniqlo. Equally, there is also a debate about who was the strongest. But there is no arguing who has always been the most stylish! Maybe even in pajamas, but you have to ask Mirka.

for him In his farewell message to competitive tennis, he states that he has played more than 1,500 matches. I’m sick of tennis and great tennis shows, and watching Federer play was always a guarantee of a safe show – and I was lucky enough not to have to pay even the ticket…but I would have paid for it! – I would like to rebuild my steps to see how many people I saw live. And on TV. So, for ridiculous, ridiculous and useless personal satisfaction. How many beautiful moments it has given me, that’s few but sure. how many oh It’s a wonder she tore me apart, until I got used to it and convinced me not to surprise myself anymore.

You’ve definitely seen all his 20 Grand Slam victories, across three continents and not just 8 Wimbledon.. And his victory No. 1251, the last, precisely against our team Lorenzo Sonego, before the last defeat, No. 275, the victory with Hubi (with H … it was not me) Hurkacz. Yes, even Federer has lost more trophies than he won, 103. Gentlemen, this is tennis. King Roger also lost a lot. Even one of the most successful tennis players in history also had to learn how to deal with defeats. On the other hand, without losers (I know this category well personally) there will be no winners.

Continuing to describe the Federalist paradoxes, the ones you’ll read everywhere, Roger has gone several weeks without sitting on the tennis throne compared to the 310 weeks he’s been.

non creed – And not for the generosity that is always used towards those who … are no longer there – We must give weight to the fact that in 40 duels with Nadal Roger won only 16 (40%) and in 50 challenges with Djokovic, 23 of 50 (46%) ). It’s the same speech Connors gave 109 titles and Federer’s 103 titles. But it is not fair to compare pears and apples, That players of different ages are compared, with gaps of 5 (Nadal) and 6 years (Djokovic) in different historical periods and with duels calculated on different surfaces as well (the reference to Rafa Nadal and his indisputable superiority on clay is not just a coincidence).

I think instead that to write what many have written better than me about tennis player Roger Federer, there would be no need to see him a hundred times as I did. Except for the inexhaustible pleasure, of course.

It really took five minutes To … “discover” all his wonderful repertoire. Within five minutes you would have noticed at once, a look at the fluidity and elegance of his serve and all his shots, yes, all of them, even if it looked amazing or perhaps the result of a stark eulogy (the classic post mortem), forehand, backhand, volee, demivolee, drop, hidden answers, backslashed, backs covered (post Ljubicic), McEnroe’s cute touches (“I touched like this, if you were more gay it would have been foreplay” Gianni Clerici of SuperMac said but he could have said that too about Roger), backlash attacks, stealth attacks (stealth attacks that are already in the response stage using chip and charge) played at a fast popup, as someone wrote that I don’t. t remember. And the speakers? He did them all, forehand, backhand, tracking loops, landslide win. We all wanted to play one of these picks, like him. I was racking my brain to think of a shot that he couldn’t manage at least once in his magic array. Finally it crossed my mind: Crush with Tweener! no one is perfect.

Yes, I repeat, there was no need to follow him in hundreds of matches. It took five minutes. Thanks for giving me thousands of those five minutes, Roger. And best wishes for your second life, to you, to Mirka, to the quadruplets, to everyone. Part of my life as a journalist also goes with you. It is not a legend. It was history, real history. Extremely beautiful. Thanks Roger.