Partnership formed between Benetton and Florentia Rugby | Today Treviso | News

Treviso – Benetton Rugby has formalized the partnership with Florentia Rugby, a young club but with great desire for growth and excellent results already achieved which is playing today in the Second Division Championship.

A process of rapprochement that began with the sale of brothers Nicolo and Lorenzo Cannon by the Florentine Club and will continue with a continuous path consisting of encounters, exchanges and comparisons in the field that includes the U17 class up to the elderly.

The agreement also states that Benetton Rugby and its representatives will participate in Florentia events, as well as the implementation of open technical interventions for Tuscan rugby clubs. On the other hand, Florentia players and managers will have the opportunity to participate in the camps and other training events that will be organized throughout the season by the Green and White Club.

The partnership that saw last May with Florentia rugby under 15 and 17 at Monego Stadium, was reinforced yesterday by the placement of an extra piece. Actually my coach Benetton’s first rugby team A training session was held in conjunction with the FIA ​​Firenze Prato Training Center session for those born in 2005-2006 and this was followed by a training session for polo technicians.

Florentia Rugby Head Gregory Ciampa He expressed himself as follows: “Partnership with Benetton Rugby is a source of great pride for us and I am confident that as a team it will allow us to grow and develop even more. A few months ago we started visiting our youth teams from La Guerrada Sports Center and Monego Stadium on the occasion of one of the Benetton rugby matches, and yesterday witnessed Continuing the natural sporting collaboration that will see participating members on a journey made up of meetings and comparisons with a reality like green and white that is a source of pride for the entire national rugby movement.”

“We are very pleased to start this partnership that supports federal projects for the development pole of Florence – Prato. Our boys are fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct training sessions with such high-level technical staff as the Benetton Rugby team. These are the moments that create enthusiasm among our members and at the same time allow them to grow technically. Therefore, I hope that this is just the beginning of a lasting cooperation that can be replicated in the future, including in other training centers as well.” announced Riccardo Bonacoursi, President of the Tuscany Regional Committee.

Amerino ZataPresident Benetton Rugby concluded: “In parallel with the U19 Brand Academy project and the opportunities for club athletes that are a part of it, we are pleased to have begun the partnership with Florentia Rugby. The ability to connect and create forms of collaboration with rugby players outside of what might be just geographical proximity. Making our knowledge of them and organizing technical meetings give us great pleasure. We have found in Florentia Rugby a young but really well organized club with clear ideas, which we would be happy to support along the path of growth.”