Pliskova misses the first set, takes advantage of Sabalenka and wins the semi-finals

a star Yannick Sener, who is only 21 years old, is now shining more and more in the wonderful sky of tennis. Indeed, South Tyrol, as well as the already wealthy elite, two days ago became the first player born in the 2000s to reach at least the quarter-finals in all Grand Slam trials; All achievements (except for Roland Garros) made this year, which are only missing the final spark after so many good results. Jannik, tonight in the fourth installment of an increasingly interesting rivalry with Carlos AlcarazAnd the He will be seeking a first semi-final in a discipline of his career. But, despite all this, Sinner has always been the kind and humble guy, as evidenced by some statements made on the ATP site.

I already know what I have in my game, so I try to stay confident with this“, dice Jannik,”But I’m also humble because at the end of the day I haven’t won almost anything or certainly not an important match. It’s all part of the process. I don’t want to be in a hurry, but I think I can be proud of what I do, so I hope to continue like this.Sinner’s mentality is one of his best features, and it’s a strong point (not surprisingly three years ago, while playing playoffs in New York, always to the ATP media: “Not only do I want to be the best player in Italy, but maybe one day I’ll be able to say I’m the best in the world”). So the blue tells where this hardness comes from, this desire he has: “It’s always been because My parents gave me that kind of mindset, so I carry it with me. I’m proud to have that kind of mindset. I love how my mum and dad are, so I love being very similar to them. I think my brother is pretty much the same, and I think that’s something I’ve always had“.

Therefore, in his maturity, the contribution of his parents seems fundamental, since they both work in a restaurant in Sesto Val Fiscalina, and thus taught Jannik an ethics of work and sacrifice. And also ironically, it seems, given that staying on the culinary theme Sinner compares his game to salad: “Sure the salad is getting a little bigger, and I know I can add more, but If you have more, you also have more options, so it can be good, but it can also be a little tricky at times because you have to choose between multiple ingredients. And every now and then you can, not be distracted, but have a little mess in your mind about which shot you are going to play. Sometimes this happened to me. But I think the power grows and that’s the most important thing“.But we must not forget how much maturity the Italian No. 1 ranked player has recently shown, as his historic coach Riccardo Piati has replaced Simone Fagnozzi and Darren Cahill, in a bid for a change that would head towards greater results:”When you change everything a little differently, there is another way to work, it was something new, which I am used to now. I know Darren well, I know Simon well and also Umberto and Jerome. It feels great, because I know their personality better and they know me better and how I feel better every day. I think it’s good, but it definitely wasn’t easy at first“.

Furthermore, Yannick is still in full swing for the ATP Finals in Turin, where he replaced Berrettini last year. A win over Alcaraz would climb to ninth in the race, from the current 14th, and he is aware of the pressures of the occasion:The year is still young and long. If I want to get to the finals, I have to play well from now on for sure, but I know that. I will do my best. This year is not one of the main goals, it’s about trying to improve everything Then we will see how it develops over the next two months“.Jannik Sinner’s rise, his ascent to Olympus tennis, has at times been unstoppable in the past three years, and now he just needs that decisive step to get to the top, and win:”I guess it’s just about hard work and believability, that’s the only thing I can say. Especially in difficult moments… and maybe when you suffer a severe defeat, the next day you go out and train. I think that’s the kind of thing that sometimes makes a difference. I go to the court because I like to play tennis, not because I have to play, but because I really like playing tennis“.