Raging Tiafoe extinguishes Rublev’s anger. The first American to reach the semi-finals in New York since 2006

[22] F. Tiafoe b. [9] Rublev 7-6 (3) 7-6 (0) 6-4

After the extraordinary performance against Rafa Nadal, Frances Tiafoe confirms its prestigious status. Brilliant and logical at the same time, he defeated Rublev very evenly on all points and flies to the semi-finals of the US Open – his first in a semi-final -, the first American to do so since 2006, when Andy Roddick succeeded. Tiafoe is also the first African-American tennis player to compete in the semi-finals of the US Open after Arthur Ashe, in 1972.

7-6 (3) 7-6 (0) 6-4 The score with which he forces himself against Rublev who is, yes, unruly, but very monotonous in his solutions and often difficult when the exchange is prolonged and difficult. Francis is very skilled at playing tennis that is bold, rich in variety, aggressive and always intelligent. But above all, he flawlessly opposed tie-breaks in the first two sets, playing all the points perfectly.

the match

TIAFOE, Fictional and Concrete – There is a 4-4 balance between Francis Tiafoe and Andrei Rublev, with the Russian unable to convert a break point at 3-2. Pushing violently, Tiafoe alternates on the bottom line, attacks and balls. On the other hand, Rublev lets start from his glowing, often impervious strands. This leads to 5-5. The Russian gets a set point, but Tiafoe cancels it by attacking too decisively.

He unleashed the American and climbed at 2-0. Andrej recovers the small break by throwing another very deep hit, then misses terribly and Tiafoe leads 3-1; The Russian is still recovering at 2-3. But the American is now out with a score of 5-2. Rublev is still wrong and there are four definite spots, all American. Rublev’s ball stays on the field to get my height but there are still three. Tiafoe’s sixth ace stamps 7 to 3, accompanied by a roaring crowdArthur Ashe Stadium.

IL TIE-BREAK perfect in french The second set matches go quickly and we get to 5-5 with no chances of breaking. Andrej Rublev continues his angry flourish while Tiafoe still expresses a more versatile and rational tennis. It’s still a tiebreak, brilliantly played by Tiafoe, who went 6-0 up in a jiffy. Brilliant hits, lightning strikes, killer responses and total ball control is the list that offers from the Americans to the Russians, who can’t help but watch the points slip away. 7-0 Francis has two sets of advantages. The Russian player is very impressed, who always continues to give the same shots, giving a great rhythm to the opponent. But it is always Tiafoe who decides the fate of the protracted exchanges, thanks to the wide variations and repertoire of his game.

Shown by TIAFOE, RUBLEV SPRECONE – But in the third set the script changes. In 3-3 come the first half of the match, scored by Tiafoe after a big pass by the opponent. On the other hand, Rublev missed an opportunity to counter-break, mistaking it badly to respond to a second, not particularly strong serve. A second chance comes, but it also vanished. In the end, Tiafoe finished the match with a header, distancing himself at 5-3. Rublev was now completely disoriented, and angry at the two chances he had just missed.

Although the American is two points from the match, the Russian is keen to keep his serve and is close to 4-5. He then made three outrageous response errors and provided several match points for Francis who, however, only needed one to achieve the best result so far in his career. With an ace, no. He won the world’s 26th place 7-6 (3), 7-6 (0), 6-4 and became the first American tennis player to lift himself in the penultimate round of the US Open after Andy Roddick (2006). Not only. Francis is also the first African-American tennis player in the semi-finals in New York after Arthur Ashe (1972). Tiafoe was very skilled at unleashing nearly perfect tennis, with great strategy and attention. For his part, Rublev pushes an “angry” and not very clear management of the match as he missed the few chances that the opponent gave him dramatically.