“Rematch point? Match point at Wimbledon 2019. Grand Slam? The most important French Open.”

Today is the desired day. At around 10pm Italian time, Roger Federer will take the court for the last time in his tennis career, alongside his historic rival and first friend Rafael Nadal. On the eve of this historic match, he gave an interview to the Swiss phenomenon Lucille Allard and others roman lefevre From the team (Here is the original interview). Fun interview consisting of slopes jokes and answers Urgent, even some minor provocations, from them Report us an excerpt.

If you hadn’t met Mirka, you wouldn’t have won 20 Grand Slam titles.

Roger Federer: “Pouuuuuu… Yes, I think so. He has supported me so much, pushing me towards tennis instead of telling me all the time: ‘When do you stop?’. It has had a huge impact on my life, even on the court”.

If Nadal was right, she would have won 25 Grand Slam titles.

Roger Federer: “Here I say no. Because I’m not sure I would have hit her so much. And I’m still convinced that without him there would have been someone else”.

Was hitting Pete Sampras in 2001 a burden to bear?

Roger Federer: “No. It was a great experience that fired me and made me understand better that you can’t press a button and say: Now I play like against Sampras. I thought about this win for a few months and realized that not many players play like Sampras, and it doesn’t always and everywhere feel like Wimbledon that day. The victory was not hard to bear, but it is constantly said: You are the next Sampras. At the beginning of my career, I felt unworthy of the comparison with Pete. And even after that victory it was not justified.”

82 unintentional mistakes in one game – they don’t have to happen often!

Roger Federer: “You have to try everything in life! (smiles, editor). I didn’t know where camp was that day!”

We remove your 2009 Roland Garros win and give you 23 Grand Slam titles: an incomplete career?

Roger Federer: “There are many players who have not won Roland Garros and still have a full career. Today it seems that you have won everything and set all records, otherwise you are not finished. No, you chose to keep 20 with success in Paris.”

If Ruben Soderling had not defeated Rafael Nadal that year, you would not have won Roland Garros..

Roger Federer: “I say no. Definitely, nothing is certain, but I think I would have been able to win Roland Garros somehow.”.

During this period of dominance and into 2010, she played 23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals. Is this your craziest stat?

Roger Federer: “Maybe yes. 23 semifinals in a row is great. Those are a bit unnatural numbers for me. It’s almost as if it’s become a routine, and I’m not saying this arrogantly. That kind of continuity, I can’t believe I’ve achieved that in my career.” When I hear it, it always shocks me”.

Some said that at 32, it was time to quit smoking.

Roger Federer: “It’s always been like this, it was the same at Wimbledon last year. There was not a single question in the press conference about my knee, which is amazing to me! Because it was all I could think of! Every day, every hour, every minute And in the end there was no mention of it. I was happy, for heaven’s sake, but at the same time I didn’t understand what people saw. Either I hide my problems well, or people don’t understand them or don’t want to talk about them because they are good. 2013 was the same You are being judged without knowing. You yourself can’t talk about it and say it all to the end, but inside you think: ‘If you knew what I’m doing right now.’ It’s hard because you almost want to say, ‘Hey guys, I couldn’t do that, I have a bad back.” Here, these are moments I’m glad I don’t have to live anymore. When you say you’re in pain or something, they think of you as a bad loser. I tried to manage these moments in the best possible way, but I inevitably made mistakes”.

Your perfect match is the 2004 US Open final against Hewitt (Won 6-0, 7-6, 6-0).

Roger Federer: “I have said on several occasions that if I wanted to take the match back, that would be the result. A Grand Slam final starts and ends with a score of 6-0, which I find fantastic. It will be interesting to see how often that happens in the future. Usually, in a Grand Slam final, it’s In front of you is someone who is causing you problems. On top of that, Hewitt was a problem for me. This was a match where I felt that everything I do – in different ways – was amazing. In that moment I felt like No. 1 in the world, so it was a very special match, yeah” .

If you had to redo one point from your career, it would be your second match point at Wimbledon in 2019.

Roger Federer: “I have to think about it, because there are several points like this…but I say yes. It’s true, it was important and I don’t find others now, although I know there have been many, many others. I’m thinking about Wimbledon 2008 against Rafa.” At the 2009 US Open against Del Potro: The defeat still hurts me today, because I think I could have won. But who knows if something against Rafa, at some point even in Roland, at some point could have flipped Match in my direction“.

Without Nadal or Djokovic, I wouldn’t have invented SABR (Sneak Attack by Roger) in 2015.

Roger Federer: “Do you know why I envision SABR? For me it had nothing to do with the other two. I did it while laughing and joking with BenoîtPaire, once in Cincinnati, in 2015, during my first jet lag workout (takes a deep breath). Severin wanted me Lüthi to play more. Then I tell him: “Do you mean that?” (Imitate the gesture). And it all started from there. There was already an attempt in Switzerland to train, if I remember it correctly, but with Benoit it took shape. We did crazy things. win, tack, table tennis, we laughed together, you should ask Benoit one day. It was a perfectly relaxing workout. You arrive around 3pm, your match is at 8pm, after sunset we were alone on the field, it was great”.

Without Djokovic and Nadal, you would have ended your career earlier.

Roger Federer: “No, I don’t think so. I would have found other sources of motivation to continue.”.

You regret not playing against Carlos Alcaraz?

Roger Federer: “Of course, it’s disappointing to not be able to play against him. I’ve been following what Alcaraz did at the US Open and throughout the year. He’s great, his game is great and I’ve always said there will always be new stars in tennis. We have one. Sometimes people tend not to believe That, like when Pete and Andre retired. All that can be said: What are we going to do now. Well, there was Novak and Rafa and me and Murray and Wawrinka … I trained with him at Wimbledon when he was young. I thought he was really good. It was kind of a warm-up” .