Roger Federer and that minute that changed history, him and tennis

WimbledonCentral Stadium, July 14, 2019. At 18.22 and after 4 hours 11 of play Roger Federer He has two match balls. two groups with Djokovicnow serves 8 to 7 and 40 to 15, the last two points were the ace.

The first serve, center, is rejected by the bar, then plays a second safety ball, at 94 mph. Nothing makes Roger want to try the fan to find the point right away. Almost the desire to arrive as soon as possible to the thousandth date with history, for a while but Ends in the corridor, 40-30, there is another possibility. This time the first, solid, enters 120 mph. A loom just puts the board in it, the short answer is just outside the service area, Roger goes straight and goes down to the net, maybe not so obvious, he puts it in front of a loom already positioned on the right side impaling him with a passerby. parity There will be no more occasions for Federer. This moment decided the 2019 edition of Wimbledon, which awarded the title after 45 minutes to Djokovic.

The moment that changed the history of Wimbledon, Federer and part of tennis has been on the minds of Roger and his fans ever since. The perfect end to the Maestro’s career passed from that minute, with the ninth title at Wimbledon 21esimo peace Perhaps the Basel Championship. It would have been the perfect farewellwill be announced almost with regret because if you just win Wimbledon, against Djokovic, you can still win a lot.

Unfortunately, only the fantasies that filled Federer’s restless nights took the form of nightmares. Three years of a real nightmare Despite all that the world has experienced and lived through and contributed, along with injuries, to distracting Federer’s mind and body from the field. Roger Federer ended up being himself at the end of that final. The fence that has given Djokovic success is the revenge of a career built on beauty and fragility, of victories and friendly but deadly rivalries. There were other matches after Wimbledon, even the one that saw him win 8 times strongly rejected him in 2021. Hurkaczin three sets and in a very sad final 6-0 will remain the last official match of his career.

Within 14 months of the ordeal, Roger may also have thought he wanted to go back to delete this data, but materialism before reason wouldn’t allow it. Then the head turned disappointments and showed the splendor of one of them exceptional profession In an exceptional era. So the heart decided it was time to leave. there laver Glass He will collect all the heroes who have lived with him these 20 wonderful years of tennis. double with Nadal It will be pure affection, for Roger, for Rafa, for opponents, for an audience who will only have eyes on the Swiss king. Let’s fill our eyes for one last time. London, a scene of historical changes, is about to experience another.