Rugby: Ewan, Treviso terminated contract. But Veer leaves the door open for the national team

Italy’s back winger did not appear on the rally in early July after he was allowed to skip the Tour and return to Australia for family reasons. Returning to Veneto for the past few days is in vain. Following rumors of “unprofessional behavior” in the city, the statement speaks of “mental health reasons”. Coach Crowley can “take it into consideration” for the new season

For Treviso, farewell to the national team feels like farewell. The two press releases that closed Ioane’s case, issued by the Green and White Franchise and the Federal Reserve, tell how disturbing this story was and how different the feelings of those who lived it were.

the story

Brief summary: Monty Ewan, the 27-year-old Australian winger, for five years at Benetton and for two years qualified for the Italy national team – boasting 14 caps and two goals, in fact is the national team’s most dangerous trotter – does not. Appear at the July meeting with endurance. He’s in Australia, and the federal structure has allowed him to skip the summer tour to fix some personal events, but he’s not around at the start of the new season. Rumors begin to chase each other, and he mentions psychological problems, to his wife who does not want to return to Italy; And soon others are being added, there is talk of unprofessional “unsportsmanlike” behavior that Benetton didn’t like at all. Weeks later, Treviso begins to legally protect herself, and there is talk of termination of the contract. Following the development of Ferragosto, with the announcement of Ioane’s imminent arrival at Treviso, the Prodigal Son was ready to apologize and reinstate himself, to ensure that he had resolved his personal problems. Only in hindsight does Treviso’s management stand firm and seek economic compensation for the damage, before terminating the contract that would allow Ioane to play in Australia. As for Fir, coach Crowley – who has always appreciated Ioane’s skills – opens the door to a future player recall.

The door is closed

This is Benetton’s press release, in which Ewan spoke of “mental health reasons” that have not allowed him to play in recent months: “Benetton announced to rugby union that it has, by mutual consent, terminated the contract that was binding on Montana player Ewan with the green-and-white club deal until June 30, 2024. The Australian winger who arrived in Treviso in November 2017, in 5 seasons in green and white, collected 82 matches and scored 155 points, with a score of 31 attempts. “I thank Benetton Rugby for the tremendous opportunity that has been given to me in these five wonderful years. In Treviso, I found a family willing to make me mature as a man and support me even in the most difficult moments, as well as a club that allowed me to develop a lot from a sporting point of view. The termination of my contract with Benetton Rugby, despite the renewal that took place last December, comes due to psychological issues that have forced me to stop playing rugby in recent months. The problems that prompted me at this moment in my life to stay in Australia close to my wife and children. Finally, I would like to thank my teammates and fans for the warmth they show me. Come Leone.” President Amerino Zata, General Manager Antonio Pavanello and all members of the Benetton rugby team thank Ewan for the valuable contribution he made during his five seasons at Green and White and we wish him and his family well for the future.”

the door is open

This is the press release from Fir: “FIR has taken note of the termination of the contract between Benetton Rugby and athlete Montanna Ioane, Azzurro n. 698, made official today through the Treviso franchise. The Federation and the coaching staff of the men’s national team will maintain regular contact with the player, who will be taken at consideration in international activity 2022/23”.