rugby | Giammarioli Wooster and the economic crisis: “It is difficult, but the club will not fail”

Blue, along with ex-FIFA Benetton, are new to the British club who have to repay a debt of £6m: “Here too for the national team I needed to raise the bar”

Francesco Palma

Renato Giamarioli’s adventure in Worcester certainly didn’t start out in the best way. In fact, the company is in the midst of an economic crisis that threatens the occurrence of a guarding system, due to some debts with the tax authorities and problems repaying a loan, with a total of about 6 million pounds of payment, according to BBC. Above all, the ax of a potential penalty kick is hanging on the club, which can be as high as 35 points. Third Blue Line, who arrived in Worcester this summer with fellow national team Hame Faiva, found himself having to manage a more complicated situation, which added to the physiological difficulties of settling into a new club and championship. The highest level.

Giamarioli, how are you doing?

“In the beginning it was difficult. Indeed, usually, when you change the country and the language, there are many problems to be faced, and this situation also adds to it. In the first week I struggled to accept that and it was not easy to manage. At first we were all hesitant, Nobody knew anything, but the guys took it with great seriousness and professionalism, and this situation made us even more united.”

However, the property has remained quite far from some front-end ads…

“The club has been very serious about us and has reassured us: if the current property is to leave, there are already new potential buyers, so there will be no risk of closure or bankruptcy. There will be some hustle and bustle. In recent weeks, but we are not going to close everything.”

Doesn’t the risk of punishment and all the subsequent problems affect him?

“As mentioned, we have now reassured the club enough, but even before I try to think about it as little as possible and focus only on training: it is already difficult to adapt to the language and new playing styles, so I have to do my best on the pitch. I have no other distractions.”

On a technical level, how is the setup going?

“They were all immediately available, players and coaches. I don’t know the language very well yet so they try to be patient. They are very professional, they take you aside, they make you do a walking exercise to make you understand, not make you feel the burden of being a newcomer and having to learn everything Right away. You accept the mistake, the second you learn and do it well.”

After the summer tour of Italy did not go as expected, how do you approach this new season?

“The option to go to Wooster is also linked to the national team. In Italy, I have reached the top of the level that I can reach, so I want to try to raise the level also by thinking about the World Cup next year, to have the best chance of being called up. The summer tour did not go as expected, But it didn’t get worse either. We have a few things to work on for November but in my opinion the path is the right way.”

But the defeat against Georgia was heavy …

“Yeah, but out of the three matches we won two, everyone is only talking about defeat. Maybe because they were three matches that had to be won, so defeat makes more noise… Others are also playing to win, and they come into the field better. And it went like that, for sure we will fix things in November.”

Why do Italy struggle more in their favorite matches? Georgia, Portugal and Uruguay last year…

“In my opinion, we have a lot of work to do mentally and manage the pressure. When you play against much stronger teams, you are more free in your head. Georgia did everything to win, they organized the match well and we put in a lot of effort. The pressure on him alone, we saw that. On the field, but I don’t think it should be completely eliminated.”

Shouldn’t we make it a drama, then?

“Exactly, we shouldn’t get drama out of that. Sure in the media it was, but we have to understand that anyway we tried a lot that month and won two out of three matches. With Georgia we put a lot of pressure on us, that’s it. Just. Work on ourselves.”

She is among the many who have left zebras this year. Many, having left, spent completely incompatible words towards society. what happened?

“I’d rather not answer. I’ve always been good with zebras, with everyone. So it would be better if you asked those directly involved.”