Rugby Palermo is looking for a home gaming ‘house’, and Serie C will start in three weeks – BlogSicilia

New season, old problems. A great desire to do so, but a lack, in all respects, of the basis for the application of this will. Three weeks to the start of the tournament C series. Which will start next October 9 and rugby Palermo is looking for a field.

President Stefano Massari’s team, in fact, will not play at Fincantieri which hosted the Orange team’s home games last season.

And to say that rugby Palermo will have a home, fields Malvagno Given to fir. However, Fedrogby has not yet begun work to make the stadium and area usable.

The Palermo club’s top manager spoke about it to BlogSicilia: “The Palermo rugby season has started, unfortunately without a stadium for tournament matches as Fincantieri closed its doors due to a lack of space. The reason is that more than one football team plays league matches. The company is moving to other areas, awaiting the birth of The federation promised to fir, but without having a positive response. Everyone gives the same answer, there is no space.”

There is always the possibility of playing far away. It’s a bit like in the first phase of last season.

Rugby Palermo in a test match for Colonel Messina

Meanwhile, the team coached by Gioacchino La Torre continues its preparations for the third division. In recent days, he played for Messina, losing 43-13 to a tried and tested squad for the second division. The score for Palermo players was 2. Signed by Zappia and Librizzi, after excellent action by newcomer Luca Magagnuco. The latter was transformed by Max di Fiore.

President Masari also spoke about this challenge. “Let’s go to the positive things – continues BlogSicilia – he started training again with the same desire last season. We played a friendly match against Messina, which plays in the second division. My boys made a good impression against a team that was more organized and organized than us. Six children aged from 17 years old for the first time: Basile, Maganoko, De Metri, Rau, Rush, Buscemi and the last 3 Trapani boys from the Glee Emmy rugby team we have been collaborating with for a few years.”

“A great desire to do a good job”

The head of the rugby team Palermo continues: “We start again where we left off with a great desire to perform better than last season, although there will be 12 teams in the third division group.” The open day last September 17 which saw a large number of participants even with the unfavorable weather conditions.”

Rugby Palermo last season After winning the regional title Eligible to the interregional group for promotion poule, ranking al 2nd place With the end of the growing season.

Possible combos for Serie C, in Group 1 Rugby Palermo

These are the potential combos in Serie C 2022-2023 rugby league. arancioneri should be included in group 1 along with Ragusa, Catania 1964, Briganti and Nissa.

In the second group, there should be Enna, Catania Junior, San Gregorio, Unione Aquile Tirreno, Lions 1971 Messina and Syrako. there regional union The calendars for next season in the Italian Serie A have not yet been released.

The equation states another set of eight teams between Campania, Sicily and Puglia but the subdivision of the seats is unknown. There should be three bells, three Sicilian and two Pulian.

The winner from this group will be promoted to the second division, and the second will go to the play-offs with the second from the Lazio group.