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The 2022 tennis season is approaching. Four Grand Slam tournaments have already been awarded and there are only a few events left to be played. In the foreground ATP Finals Almost everything is decided: four athletes qualified and three soon. In practice, there was only one place left to be filled. What is the status of Junk Sener?

ATP Finals, Seven Men Fight for Last Place: Indoor Sinners Hope

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At the ATP Finals, to be held in Turin from November 13-20, the top eight players of 2022 (those with the most points during the season) will compete to win the coveted Maestro title. The so-called “Race to Turin” is already seeing four eligible players. This is the new champion of the US Open Carlos Alcarazout of 22 times Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadalfrom the finalist to Roland Garros in New York Casper Road And the winner of the Masters 1000 title in Montercarlo Stefanos Tsitsipas.

These will soon be joined by three other players, i.e. Daniel MedvedevAnd the Andrey Rublev e Novak Djokovic. The two Russians really lacked a few coins to secure qualification. Different words of the Serb, very far from the top positions in the ranking. Why then is his qualification one step away? According to the list, by virtue of the victory at Wimbledon, Noll would only need to finish the year among the top twenty in the ATP rankings. Which frankly seems quite obvious to us.

So, soon, there will only be one place left. It is considered Alexander Zverev setbackFelix will fight for it Auger tooHubert HurkaczTaylor FritzCameron My lightPablo Carino PostaMatthew Beretini And Janik kafir. This, so far, is the case for the points:

  1. Muhammad Awad Ali Asiri 6460
  2. Rafael Nadal 5810
  3. Muhammad Awad Ali Ali 4885
  4. 4630
  5. Medvedev Daniel 3375
  6. 3055. Jaid Abdullah
  7. Auger Alyssum Felix 2860
  8. Zverev Alexander 2700
  9. Hubert Hurkacz 2545
  10. Fritz Taylor Harry 2385
  11. Norie Cameron 2320
  12. Ali Abdullah Ali 2270
  13. Ali Muhammad Ali 2225
  14. Nassif Saleh 2220

Yannick’s race

Seven competes for last place, and Auger-Aliassime is one step ahead of everyone else. With the introduction of the Davis Cup, Yannick is ready for the ultimate sprint on the indoor hard court, a surface he has always expressed for his excellent tennis playing. It will start fromATP 250 in SofiaHe won the title in 2020 and 2021. In Bulgaria it will be important to remain champion, especially to send a clear message to the competition.

After that, South Tyrol will play a gameATP 500 in Nur-Sultan, in Kazakhstan, the tournament that could guarantee him a large slice of valuable points. thenATP 250 from Florence FinallyATP 500 in Vienna and the The 1000 professors from Paris Bercy. The road is uphill, of course. But the task is not impossible.

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