Starring Serie A initially with many new features, Rugby Parabiago invites her fans together

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Little is missing at the beginning Men’s Serie A Championship e The new Parabiago rugby team 2022-2023 is now complete. Which Parabiago team will lead? New coach Daniel Borinoarrived in July from rugby Rovato, with the help of Juan Pablo Sanchez, sees Many new baits and some departures.

They left the Russopley Society Inauguration by Giovanni Grilotti, second line Vittorio Volta Popelli, third line Lorenzo del Acqua and Gianpaolo Spinelli and props Sebastian Diez and Carlo Corbeta, whom the club wishes a future full of rugby and career satisfaction.

Many newcomers who strengthen the team They arrived from other clubs but also some young people under the age of 19 who are fully included in the staff: Hats, Kochi, Giorgi, Mamo, Paganin and Piccoli They are ready to present themselves to the team with the energy and enthusiasm that defines them. Daniele Borino announced that he is very satisfied with the team that will be at his disposalThe team has changed a bit compared to last season. Historic players have been confirmed for Parabiago rugby and some under-19 players have been listed or confirmed, some of whom made their debut last year. The numbers that came from abroad have changed a bit, always focusing on young people who can carry out the project for the next 3-5 years with us. There are no promises, but I am convinced that by working with determination and passion that drives us, we will have an excellent championship. A special thought goes to Captain Joshua Michael, who after the recent LCA rebuild we hope to be ready for Round Two.” Waiting for the first round of the tournament to be held at the Venegoni Marazzini Sports Center on October 2, when Rugby Parabiago meets the strong-willed boys of Centurions Rugby, Daniele Porrino continues, «A weekend full of all-important events will come to check out the work done in pre-seasonOur guys will go to the stadium to play some test matches.”

Friday, September 16th at 8:30 pm Our team of trainees will take the field With Sitimo Milanese. Sunday 18 September at 11.00 We have under 17 will meet in the form of a triangle in Curione Sports Center for rugby Milan and Piacenza rugby. At the same time, it will be a turnUnder 19 will play with the same age as Rugby Biella and Rugby Row at Molinello.

The rich calendar of meetings will reach its climax Inside the friendly fences of Venegoni-Marazzini on Sunday 18 September at 17:30, when Rugby Parabiago meets Verona Rugby, In the test – match all to see. Both top Rossoblo teams return from a weekend of physical, sporting and technical work in the Brescia region, culminating in two friendlies at the Invernesse stadium in Brescia. The trainee representative put in a good performance against Bassa Bresciana, while the first team met Brescia rugby, a recorded fact in the second division championship, where he began to grind out the first minutes of the match and is already showing, despite the heavy workloads, pleasant flashes of play.

Let’s rally our fans – Daniele Borino continues – Our sixteenth man on the field. We need you to support us as you have always done, don’t miss it! “

Rosa 2022-2023

Niccolo Albano Jolly 3/4
Mathieu Bodo Extreme
Angelo BERTONI 2a/3a linea
Simon Briucci 3rd line
Samuele CALOSSO . Center
The Return of Simone Cappelli
Edo Maria Karabelli Third Line