Swiatek is far from the best but it suffices for the usual Sabalenka. The first final in New York

[1] I. Swiatek b. [6] A. Sabalenka 3-6 6-1 6-4

The second semi-final between players in a row to the fourth (Swiatek) and the third (Sabalenka) a Grand Slam semi-final, but a first here in New York for the #1 mark in the world, which will definitely focus on Sabalenka’s stop, looking more at the forehands, which is the slightly weaker side of both. For its part, the Belarusian will have to be as persistent and decisive as possible with the second, as well as seek appropriate support so as not to enter into very long exchanges, as Swiatek clearly prefers. 3-1 precedent in favor of the Poles, the last of which was a victory in Rome, with only 3 matches remaining.

And again he is No. 1 in the world to win, but in a way that is less obvious and less convincing. Very foul Swiatek, who returns for the set, broke twice in the third set, making Sabalenka pay dearly for a poor 24% conversion with the second, and the usual tension when the ball is hot, which combined with the desire to shoot every time. The ball at most leads to a lot of errors. And to say that tonight, even the forehand, which is usually a little weaker, gave Arina satisfaction, but she is unable to make the most of it.surrendering for the second year in a row in the semi-finals at Flushing Meadows. Iga can breathe a sigh of relief again from the result, but she definitely needs to change her style of play ahead of Saturday’s final against our jaber, who instead dominated and convinced more in the semi-final against him Caroline Garcia. This will be the fifth match between the two, with the previous matches tied, both looking for their first (ever Tunisian) slam slam tournament, and the only two to reach two major finals in 2022.

Match – The first break of the match surprisingly in favor of Sabalenka, in the third match, due to Swiatek who is still a bit under contract and unconvinced in her shots, which also led her to very few fouls, given a foul so far the cuff starts freely and consisted of the Belarusian, who managed to Contain herself and play with logic. However, the joy of the number 6 on the board proves ephemeral, which in the next service game at times amplifies in thrust and in the hunt for the winner, coming up with fouls and allowing Swiatek’s sudden counter-break. And the pole’s tactical plan is clearly shown in the fifth game, which eliminates two break points looking for the broken straight of the Belarusian player, who in the long run, however, on the fourth chance, still takes advantage of some corrections and hesitation in the opponent’s game, outperforms well on both sides , trying to escape again. And this time it’s not just the lure, it’s supplemented by Sabalenka, who goes with another break to win the first set 6-3, hitting both fore and backhand kicks, and grabbing the match ball so he-she doesn’t leave.. Benefit from Swiatek’s many fouls, a mistake, almost unrecognizable as in the match against Pegulawith only 3 winners scored (against 7), but above all without the ability to respond to the overwhelming force of the opponent, who feels calm due to the ambiguity of the Polish and therefore can shoot and play with less pressure.

The good vibes seen in the first set are immediately dismantled at the start of the second, in one of the usual ups and downs for Sabalenka, who is fractured at 0 playing a poor game, with Swiatek having to do nothing more than exploit it. Errors. The Pole is now more focused, stiffer in the serve and more continuous than the bottom, components that allow her to break Arya’s rhythm, preventing her from finding the consistency needed to push as much as she wants and enter the winning continuum. This sends the Belarusian doll, suffering in the fifth inning, after a series of blunders, until the double break. The lack of confidence and insecurity, the biggest limitation of Arena, having touched the surface several times in the partial, stands out fully in the seventh and final game, between double faults, fouls and poor choices, which give heavy Swiatek 6-1. It must be said, for her part, that the Polish regained her confidence and skills from the bottom and defenseundermining the supports and the already fragile certainty of Sabalenka (at the set point, a comfortable volley fell into the net), restoring the stalemate in the match.

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Once again, the combination opens at the expense of the player who seemed to do a better job, meaning an immediate break in favor of Sabalenka, after the first match full of freebies from Swiatek who still does not find continuity for the whole game, risks putting confidence and allowing her opponent to play quietly. We finally started to see some good tennis only in the fourth game, as Swiatek scored the counter-strike, responded better and fouled, more than acceptable, for Sabalenka, fully into the game. And in fact, in the match immediately following, the Belarusian advances from the bottom and goes to place the exclamation point, returning to the advantage by finding the breakout and confidence needed. Again, however, flaws and a lot of Aryna’s doubts rise to the surface in match eight to be forgotten, with a break on the spot at 0 and Swiatek, always better on defense, and free to do whatever he wants. The retreat and the inability to take advantage of Sabalenka’s positions, leads to victory, with a break in the decisive tenth match, for Sweetek, who raises his speed and level, thanking some mistakes that can be avoided until the end of his opponent. In the end, the player who played the worst and the most pessimistic when it mattered, won, but it’s far from her best.who reaches his first career final at the US Open, as well as at the Grand Slam is Roland Garros.