Davis Cup, Italy in the finals, 2-1 against Argentina: Brittney and Sinner win

Mathieu and Janek don’t cheat: Argentina were defeated and the Azzurri qualified for the final stage in November even before facing Sweden. Binary Fognini / Bolelli to Gonzalez / Zebalos Written by our reporter Federica Kochi September 16 – Bologna Yannick Sener comes back and lifts and scares and then closes 2-0 Which gave Italy … Read more

US Open, defeated the wrongdoer against Alcaraz 3-2

The Italian surrenders in the final to the strength of the 19-year-old Spaniard. Carlos Tiafoe will find and still run for number 1 A five-hour and 20-hour marathon, an unused match point, plenty of scenes and a record-breaking match later in US Open history. Yannick Sener stopped out in the quarter-finals after an epic battle … Read more