The rise of sisters Linda and Brenda Frohvertova

Linda and Brenda Frohvitova

Tennis fans will have to get used to this nickname pretty quickly: Fruhvirtova. The “terrible sisters” Linda and Brenda Frohvertova, aged 17 and 15 respectively from the Czech Republic, are advancing rapidly and impressively in the women’s tennis rankings, reporting more significant results than ever.

Linda, the older of the two, won her first WTA Championships in 250 de ChennaiBy defeating Magda Linnett in the final. Success made it take off from No. 130 to 74 in the world ranking. Announced after victory “I am speechless, it is great. I think it is an excellent starting point for me, from which I can continue to build my career.” Thanks to the excellent foundation of her country technical school, and having honed her growth between the Muratoglu Academy and the Chris Evert Academy in Florida, Linda is already a reality on the women’s tour. In some interviews, she stated in unequivocal terms that she aspires to win major championships, to become the best. It doesn’t sound like just a youthful dream, Finda has the tennis, the body and above all the head to do it. Very fast too.

Speaking of Linda, coach Mouratoglu said: “Many players dream or say they want to become No. 1 in the world, but only a few believe in it, and Linda is one of them. He wins because he has the mentality of those who can give their best in every training session. You watch her practice and… she pushes, she gets into the ball, she hits, then she hits harder, harder, even more exhausted. He plays great tennis, but his main quality is the mental aspect. She’s an incredible fighter. She is full of energy, wants to be the best more than anything else. He does not feel stressed or overwhelmed, he gives 100% every time he is on the tennis court. These are all indispensable mental resources for getting to the top; From this point of view, it lacks anything at all.”

Linda’s results came thanks to the steady growth in her playing level, not just “bad” and intense, but qualitatively improving. Here is the location, according to the French coach: “He has improved his game especially by strengthening his stock position, getting closer and closer to the baseline. He has fast feet and is able to anticipate every ball and charge 100% of his power with every shot. As much as he pushes hard, he actually makes very limited mistakes Non-coercive, showing that he has a great deal of control. She is looking for limit, she is good at leading the game by choosing the best solution without overdoing it. She still has some stages in which she shows her young age, but she is incredibly mature and has Lots of room for growth.”

Last weekend, 15-year-old Brenda won the ITF in Santa Margherita de Pola (Without going into the final, taking advantage of Jessica Perry’s retirement) In what became his fifth consecutive ITF Championship, after Klosters (Switzerland), Danderyd (Sweden), Mogorod (Hungary) and Braunschweig (Germany). Thanks to this string of excellent results (25 wins), Brenda holds the WTA Top 200, at No. 195 and He broke the record for ITF tournaments won before the age of 16 (7 in 2022). Looking in detail at the 15-year-old from Prague’s achievements in this clean ride, it impresses him In 25 wins he lost only 2 sets, won 7 sets 6-0 and 19 against 6-1. steam reel…

Marco Mazzoni