“The sinner and I value each other, which is why we play great games” – Corriere.it

From Gaia Piccardi, Sent to New York

Won the US Open, the new No. 1 in tennis at the age of 19: I realized I could only win the tournament when I defeated Yannick. I’ve always wanted to be a tennis player. a girlfriend? not yet

New York in a hotel suite overlooking Times Square, Carlos Alcaraz He could take it like the king of the world. Instead, behind the coffee cup, the tired eyes of the teenager appear In New York he won tennis, the US Open and first place in the standings, sweet smile, semi-naive, a few pimples, big hand. He slept quite a bit, without the mug (maybe sleeping with the replica when I get home), after having dinner in the restaurant with the clan that let him have a hot nest (one of many comparisons to Nadal) that allowed him to grow out of it all during the two weeks that revolutionized the Sports.

How do you feel, Carlos, after beating Roode in the final?

Honestly, when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. I still feel like a normal person even if everything is incredible: I never thought I’d achieve so much at just 19 years old. Let’s take it simply, my coach Juan Carlos Ferrero told me, let’s have fun…

Did you enjoy the US Open?
Without a smile, I wouldn’t be able to play. It’s normal for me, that’s what I am now. In Montreal, at the beginning of August, when I immediately lost to Tommy Paul for not being able to manage the pressure, I lost my smile a little. Working hard to restore joy, I took her with me to New York. Some of my teammates seem to be sad on the field, not having fun. not me. I am still the kid from Murcia who dreamed of becoming a professional at the age of 10.

Did you really never want to be an astronaut, a firefighter, or a cowboy?
Start. I asked Santa about the first racket: This is how this story began. At the age of 14-15, when I was already training at Villena, at the Ferrero Academy, I wasn’t sure about the future, but I knew I would give everything because tennis is my profession.

What sacrifices did he require of you to fulfill this desire? You are not a frivolous teenager.
Sometimes I miss friends, because I’m able to stay up late at night without worrying about training the next day. I have anyone’s tastes and passions, I enjoy a little, going out to eat or listening to music with my siblings or with the people I grew up with. I love all sports: I play paddling, golf and soccer even if it’s a lot less than I used to. A cheer for Real Madrid.

At your age, and in this existence at a rate of 300 an hour, is there a place for love?
(shyness, smiles)

No, there is no love now.

When did you realize you could have won the US Open?

In the quarter-finals with Yannick Sener. Very difficult meetingI don’t really know how you played with this intensity. The point of the game being canceled was halfway through: I think I’ve gone where I’ve never gone before, Yannick motivates me and I think I have the same effect on him, nice and rewarding competition. I could have won three sets, in four sets, but we went into the fifth set. Five hours and 20 minutes on the field, which doesn’t happen often!

Why do you and “Sener” always produce sparks?

First of all, because we respect each other and get along really well off the field. His Spanish as well, and my English is poor, but we understand each other quickly. Yannick is always friendly, he is interested: How are you? how is our family? As a player everyone sees: he has already beaten the top ten, he has a very heavy ball. But the one who was hitting me before the tennis player.

Did the king hear it?
Not personally, maybe he wrote something on social media….

No, not King Felipe of Spain. Rafa Nadal is the king of the earth.
Aaah, yes sure, Rafa wrote me a nice letter. I have received hundreds of them. I will calmly answer everyone.

With Rafa involved the doctor, Angel Ruiz Kotoro.
Kotoro helped me but I also have my doctor, Juango Lopez. At this level, it is essential: it helps me control the pain. But it’s not true that in semi-final training with Rod I stumbled, I don’t know who spread that rumor. Of course I was tired: who wouldn’t be after more than twenty hours on the field…?.

Carlos, are you offended when I say that you are first and foremost an exceptional athlete, and then a great tennis player?
No, no, I’m not upset! I am resistant, flexible and fast. Essential in modern tennis.

Have they ever timed it?
On 60 or 100 meters no, at school they made me run 400….

How much did you cover them?
in 55 seconds. But I had to run a chain, so I took it easy!

Is it true that he is now going to Valencia for the Davis Cup group?
very right. I do it for myself, my team and my country.

Aren’t you exaggerating?
I don’t set any limits. I know I’m new to the top and just finished the surreal US Open. But I have big dreams: I don’t intend to waste them.

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