The tennis ball, because everyone leaves it in the glove compartment of the car: it saves you

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about weird advice that all the less experienced and more experienced drivers need. A tennis ball in the glove box to save time and safety: that’s why everyone should have it.

Tennis ball in the dashboard –

The tennis ball It is used to play and have fun, but someone found out that this simple tool can be necessary to keep in the glove box. Lets you do something with a file Maximum safetywhich saves time and irreparable damage.

The tennis ball in the glove box: why it should never be lost?

It’s a practice Which is taking root in all countries of the world, after it was revealed through social media by specifically showing what is needed. From now on, when you see a friend with an extension Yellow ball inside the cabin The car body mount you will know exactly what it is.

tennis ball
Tennis ball-

Before understanding how to use it, you have to do it Make a small introduction. Very often, new drivers face many problems with distances, especially when parking. The same thing can happen to even the most experienced drivers, and they find themselves having to fight with them “Dark” areas in the corners Or having to make quick maneuvers in traffic.

park the car
Park your car –

All this leads to irreparable damage Too expensive for a car. For this reason, the tennis ball enters the scene to be left in the glove compartment and beyond. With a small, subtle gesture of patience, you’ll not only save time, but will also come in handy for not having to take the car to the body shop several times a month.

A practical treatment for driving safety

Many are wondering how a simple tennis ball can help, especially for the newly licensed. it’s a innovative solution Which, once tried, never gives up even when years of driving pile up.

Let’s go specifically? Getting into your own garage or underground garage is always a lottery. In the beginning, you can’t understand where to start and where to end, in the second you have to deal with tight spaces and Lots of machines.

tennis ball trick It serves precisely that purpose, which is to stand up without doing any damage. It is enough to tie the ball with thread and then tie it to the ceiling.

And now? As we approach the wall with the muzzle, we should notice the ball. The moment you hit the windshield, it means perfect parking. Obviously, he will be able to garage the house Hanging on the ceiling – While for external devices, it is necessary to put them in the glove box.

tennis ball in motion
Tennis ball in motion –

No more expensive stamps or damages, but a valid yellow help that warns when parking is perfect. simple toolEconomical and ideal for learning to stand or keep doing it smoothly.