The US Open, Kyrgios leaves you speechless. Exceptional performance and the abolition of Medvedev

[23] n. Kyrgios b. [1] Medvedev b. 7-6 (11) 3-6 6-3 6-2

It was the most anticipated match since the US Open draw was completed and expectations were met. Kyrgios and Medvedev made a presentation on Arthur Ahse e For the second time in less than a month, the Australian ranked number one in the world was defeated (The balance in live matches is now 4-1). Nick finished the match after nearly three hours of playing and in four sets: in three of them his tennis level was superb. In the quarter-finals, Khachanov, who beat Carreno Busta, will challenge for fifth.

Here is the Nick Kyrgios conference

Medvedev made some mistakes a lot on points that proved crucial, but it is not an exaggeration to say that there areKyrgios’ performance today is one of the best of his career, although he has now lost the number of games the Australian has played well during this period. (In the last three months he lost only 5 matches out of 31 played). The Russian often seemed at the mercy of an opponent who also had his usual moments of madness, as if he had practically negated a point already made: that episode, however, was the cause of a fire that was impossible to put out.

match Kyrgios immediately became hyper-focused and sharpened, taking two break points in the first match in response. Medvedev, however, does not allow himself to be unprepared and help himself in the service. The level is really high. When he was 3-2 in his favour, the Australian first threw a forehand in a lightning round, then poised on the field for a second attack from the Russian and finally took advantage of Medvedev’s naivety to get the first half of the match. Daniel wasn’t there so his backhand hit entered the scene: the counterbreak is instant.

The intensity is not diminishing with the two who also fought to win the favours of those present in Arthur Ashe’s stands. Kyrgios plays well, overall he catches a backhand and lets himself Discussion with Chief Judge Asderaki regarding shot clock Maybe he didn’t create problems in his career. No more break points revealed: For the fourth time in their five matches, the first set will be decided by a tiebreak. The first mini extension from the Australian, but Medvedev, after being denied at 5-3, did not make a mistake. Kyrgios delivers something but not at the exact points of the opponent: There is just perfect, first response and with a shot on the line. at 11 up (That’s it!) Nick remains exceptional with a combination of iron feathers: full-arm rear stroke and millimeter damping. At the second set point in the serve (fourth in total) and after he eliminates three, the Australian wins the part after an hour and a change..

Here is the Nick Kyrgios conference

However, in the face of the number one in the world, Kyrgios can not allow himself any relief: Medvedev is a wolf that always lurks and does not actually miss an opportunity breakers In the second game, the opponent commits three double faults. in the next match, Nick combines one of them with a ball directed toward the runway which happily stops for him below the front row: If he manages by a few millimeters to cancel a specific point, here A few centimeters saved him from possible exclusion. The Australian doesn’t seem to have any intention of refocusing to try to reopen the group and in fact at 4-1 he is losing his serve again, thanks to some questionable choices. Then Kyrgios begins to pull everything off, while Medvedev also allows himself to lose interest drastically. The finalist at last Wimbledon does not go far from returning to the partial: But this time, the centimeters help the Russian who closes the group with 6-3.

After a second part in which they both, alternately, take their breaths, the show returns. Including this end in itself: Kyrgios, in fact, throws away the possibility of playing a breaking point Forgetting that the ball has to bounce at least once before the point is up, and so it will hit the opponent’s court on the fly committing an invasion. In the next change Nick starts talking about the episode like it’s a club match, with Patrick McEnroe, being broadcasted for US television. In short, everything happens, even this Medvedev does it breakers In the match he led 40-0: Kyrgios plays an unusual three points but Daniel gave his points with a double foul.. The Australian maintains the advantage and thus goes to serve 5-3: no frenzy, but relying on serve and forehands, Nick moves forward one set and one win.

strong of feature, The number 25 in the world starts the fourth set by giving up the forehand with amazing ease. At 1-1 Nick in this way earned a break point as Medvedev committed a free kick that was not from him with a backhand. However, the world’s number one was no accident, so out of nowhere a passerby plays counterattack within meters of the court gives him a chance to counter-break. But Kyrgios remains on fire And it puts three services, one faster than the other.

And as if that wasn’t enough, in the next match, it’s the Australian’s reaction that makes Medvedev sway: And it doesn’t look like he’s even the first Russian to hurt Nick Mile again moves to 4-1. It’s the crucial extension: Medvedev is flawless in the very few chances given by the Australian who remains cool even at 5-2. It’s the ace who decides to eliminate the world number one and US Open champion after nearly three hours of playing.Nick Kyrgios has reached the quarter-finals for the first time in New York and for the fourth time in his career (second in a row) at a Grand Slam. you will challenge Khachanov which its predecessors tied (1-1), but this Kyrgios, who will return to the world’s top 20 four years later, will start with just about anyone.

With this defeat, Daniil Medvedev will surely lose number one in the world rankings at the end of the tournamentWhile Kyrgios guarantees access to the top 20.