This defeat will hurt for a long time.

After a few minutes of Carlos Alcaraz suffered a heavy defeat With a lot of match points in favor of not being exploited, Yannick Sener He appears at the press conference to answer questions from journalists and, as always, sets out a clear analysis of the match and its performance. South Tyrolean admits its shortcomings (“Sometime I didn’t serve well”) but he is also aware of the great show presented in more than 5 hours of matches (“So it was a good match for sure, but it was very difficult. We both wanted to win for sure and did our best.”). Now, however, eyes are on future training and Davis. “I think there are a lot of positive aspects to extract this week”.

s. Is there a way to describe what it feels like to be a part of something like this?
Janic Sener: I don’t know. It’s not easy to talk now because I just finished the match. But it was a good match for me and for his. He could have finished in three sets, four sets, five sets. The standard was high. At some point it didn’t serve well, but it was responding well. It was a good match. The audience was fine. For me this was only the second time at Ashe Stadium. So it was a good match for sure, but it was very difficult.

Q: What do you think made the difference in the end?
Janic Sener: I don’t know. I need to speak to my team first. I certainly didn’t do well in the third set. I remember getting an easy forehand when it was 3-2 when I was serving 40-30. There were some key points. Obviously when you play for more than five hours, there are a lot of key points. Some took and others took. But I don’t know, we both wanted to win for sure and did our best.

Q: In the match you were sending to finish the match, what do you think made the difference at that moment?
JANNIK SINNER: He also put points per second. Like I said, some of these points are on my side and some are on your side. But I’m sure I could have played them better. Talking now, it’s easy, right? When you’re on the field, it’s different. You feel a little pressure. You also feel insecure. part of the game. I was well served up to that point. Especially in difficult times you have served well. Even in the fifth set I had finished the break but couldn’t find a way to close it, that’s it.

Q: After all that effort and long playing time, you both looked great physically. Can you tell how you feel physically?
Janic Sener: I feel good. I think we’ve improved a lot physically in the last month, so I was ready for a tough fight. From a physical point of view, I definitely feel more prepared to play this type of game for hours upon hours. This is definitely the positive side. I think there are many positives to be drawn this week. In the first week I didn’t play my best for sure, but I raised it today because of that [Alcaraz] He is the kind of player that makes you level up.

Q: Is this probably the most difficult defeat you think you have suffered in your young career?
Janik Sener: I definitely have had some heavy losses. That’s on the list at the top, I’d say yes. As for the rest of the tournament, I think this will hurt for a long time. But I will wake up tomorrow, or today I will wake up, and somehow try to eat only the positive, and try to get rid of the other side. But it is definitely difficult. The next tournament I’m going to be in is the Davis Cup. First, I want to train again in the best possible way, trying to evolve.