US Open 2022, Sener loses to Alcaraz in 5 sets in the quarter-finals –

From Gaia Piccardi, Sent to New York

He defeated the Blues after more than 5 hours at 3-6, 7-6, 7-6, 5-7, 3-6. The Spaniard will meet Tiafoe in the semi-finals

Unlike some dreams that die at dawn, the dreams of an amazing Spanish teenager have been named Carlos Alcaraz Come to life in a New York night. The US Open has achieved a huge and potential feat after being knocked out in the quarter-finals Yannick SenerAnd the The number 13 in the world has been beaten but not downsizedBecause these two friendly guys off the court (direct comparisons now 2-2) will tell the best world tennis stories in the years to come, Jill Immortals. In the semi-finals against Alkaraz (how much energy will he keep in his body?) on Friday there will be Francis Tiafoe, l’enfant du pays a son of immigrants to the United States from Sierra Leone whose fictionalized novel has moved even a soft-hearted billionaire like LeBron James: The project of grabbing the first Grand Slam final (it will be for both), with a final victory also to top the rankings at 19, not an unrealistic scenario and then getting to that point, in the city that never sleeps and rewarding determination for those who have clear ideas and do things their way Own (in my own way), anything is possible.

The two opposite poles that attract each other, Yannick and Carlos, 40 years in two, generate a match of extremely high emotional intensity, full of winning points and quality despite their inhuman length: 5 hours 14 minutes. The roof is open, the damp is cut with the knife with the noblest quarter-final electricity on the board; Among the VIPs in the stands in the middle Lindsey Vonnseated atop Sinner’s chest (in the new dual coach system she outfitted herself from Wimbledon, Simon Vagnozzi and Darren Cahill, Especially for the Australian who seems to be full of respect and admiration Jannick), the ski champion with whom the South Tyrol giants raced last March at the Plan de Corones. Among this challenge that instantly became a classic of rivalry destined to accompany us over the next two decades, despite its ups and downs, the first group is the most common: the first game at the meeting reminds us of the theme that will go on throughout. Tonight, the first service ball kafir This weak animal Alcaraz Try to bite right away, every turn of the serve exposes the blue of my existential pain definitely not the second ball, still too soft (even when rolled), and therefore highly attackable, to loosen. As for Yannick’s talent, she has thousands of faces: There is a first-class response to make up for it, there is above all an extraordinary stiffness of the head, which no one teaches you about, inlaid with the iron regularity of the bouncing shots – maneuvered by an iron wrist drenched with extraordinary sensitivity in the drop of shots and in the game of net – from Riccardo Piatti, the first coach rolled a snowball from the mountains to the sea, and gifted it. In short, the match has not yet started, the Red Baron immediately faces a three-point break gap, the last of which is a killer, certainly not the counter-break in the fourth game to deceive that the balance will continue for a long time. Indeed, Alcaraz takes the advantage with a line response (4-3) and makes the void with his forehand hit: deep, penetrating and hanging, without being left-handed, like Mr. Nadal. 6-3 to the Spaniard in half an hour, he is an excellent athlete even before he becomes a great tennis player.

John McEnroe is right, a New Yorker at home And who knows the sport: Carlos, at his age, already has coverage of Djokovic’s stadium. The second set, with a break on each side, remains in the balance until 5-5, then the wrongdoer in the twelfth game is called a masterpiece of steadfastness that overturns the stalemate of the match: 6-5 for the opponent, i.e. on the edge, eliminates four set points (with serving and thanks to a foul Front of the Spaniard, who shortly before made a great play behind the back, followed by an accidental backhand: point of an anthology), is jacks when tie break, shelter peccatorum, kicks off with a straight slap (4-3), the first and fifth set point is canceled but no Wasted a second chance to achieve the result. 9-7 (7-6) after an hour and a quarter of war without a quarter. The contest is even, the arm freed from tension, the head from too few ghosts, too many, kafir He starts grinding tennis on the lines, and takes over the exchange, forcing Carlos to run marathons as a distance runner and run as a runner, the Spaniard all over, delaying any hit but Yannick More straightforward and tactical, not to mention being at the mercy of events, once again the master of his own destiny as in the last two head-to-head matches he won (Round of 16 at Wimbledon and the final at Umag), cold and ruthless as nature creates.

Stick to it in a second, super recommend Ferrero coach For Alcaraz, who seems worried about his clan, the problem of the blue who has grown in level even in this sector, is now playing on an equal footing, and playing on an equal footing between Sinner and Alcaraz means pure spectacle. One break on each side, Carlos changes his shoe with his sole worn out by a thousand slips, then to another tie-breaker, the only solution capable of determining arm wrestling among the best enemies. And here, at the crucial moment, Yannick is perfect: 7-0 (7-6) without giving a chance to his opponent, devastated and frustrated, who wonders what he can do more to stop this South Tyrolean demon with emotions packed like water as a source, impervious to events. Two groups ahead, as New York hits one in the morning and people flock to the subway, Sinner can breathe and dedicate himself, in serial killer fashion, to the end of the mission. In spite of himself, Alcaraz gave him a hand, a bit weak after a long run that didn’t produce the results he desired, and immediately available to deliver the break, landing 3-1 with the Alpine pinnacle in front, the highest disobedient, to climb. But if Yannick is resilient, Carlos is inexhaustible. The clock indicates four hours into the game when the Spaniard, with a winning direct answer, breaks the bar to zero at Yannick And draw 3-3. They still want to lead their hands, these two, onto the field and no one remembers that this is the third time since 2004 that there is no Grand Slam quarter-final. Nadal N Djokovic N Federer (The wireless locker room whispers about other knee problems, which would keep him from participating in the Laver Cup at the end of the month: The Swiss’s highly anticipated comeback may fizzle out), but with this generation of phenomena, the future is assured. not finished. Sener breaks Alcaraz’s serve to Zero, who loses his temper, throws a ball at Hudson and deserves a warning from the referee. 4-3, 5-3, Alcaraz counter-break 5-5 with Jannik wasted meanwhile (the Spaniard hit back on the usual, damned, soft second serve) – unfortunate innocence, Hana – match point 5 4. Fatal foul . Yannick loses confidence, and Carlos flies back. 6-5 for Spanish. Unfazed, when changing pitch, Blue asks for a racket to be suspended in flight. But he gives up the service (7-5 ​​Alcaraz), goes to the fifth.

It’s been four and a half hours since the beginning of this surreal story I’m going to get into Guinness world recordNow it is played on nerves. At 2-2 there are deep cracks in the granite from Alcaraz: three break points for Sener, who meanwhile deserved a throwing warning (shy). 3-2 But the Spaniard immediately bounced back, thanks to Yannick’s stress (wasting the ball 4-2), making him less reactive: 3-3, 4-3, 5-3 with another break. An hour after Sinner’s match point, Alcaraz can be used to send us all to bed. He is not mistaken. 6-3, 6-7, 6-7, 7-5, 6-3 Over 5 hours and 14 minutes of divine, tough, supersonic and inspiring tennis. Alcaraz goes to the final at the US Open, True, but the greatness of Jannik Sinner was improving in the course of work, and quick fixes to tame the sports exuberance of Alcaraz, which is clearly growing under our eyes, unfortunately is not enough. And New York’s story of talent and youth, the centuries-old Broadway musical, has been stopped within a meter of the finish line.

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